The witcher

Someone hyped this series sana mpaka ananichocha its GOT like
Leteni maoni hii weekend nijikeep busy

najaribu kuangalia messiah.iko tu meh!

Henry Caval anajaribu sana. It doesn’t make sense kabsa na an episode is too long .not worth it after 5 episodes of being patient nimeshindwa.

If you have played the Witcher games then it will be very interesting and you will love every second of it

Jaribu how to get away with murder. Ni series fiti.
Ndo nadai jaribu hyo the witcher juu ya peer pressure

Witcher niliona kidogo nikuwe mgonjwa

My curiosity was peaked after Uwes kuiipigia debe, i went on to download it.
I was enthusiastic to have my jaw dropped lakini wapi eventually what was dropped was my interest,

Le mi sum it up for you :saitan::mad::oops::meffi::meffi:

Leta option ingine

:smiley: Kindly review my thread na uwache hatespeech


Witcher ni interesting bora unaelewa timeline