The William Ruto Codex

William your path to presidency will be a difficult one.

Uhuru has sided with Raila because they grew up eating from the same spoon and table.

William you’ll be fighting against the whole world soon enough as world leaders will cite Odinga as there candidate. Will you still be able to raise your sabre,

Remember Nigerians voted for Buhari and that country is barely even functioning. Nigerians have been fending for themselves in the long night.

William if you want that seat a wheelbarrow will only take you so far. Align yourself with smart knowledgeable people like engineers, doctors, teachers etc. and guarantee them you’ll create a Kenya where they’ll be the priority. Take the informal and not promise but guarantee them jobs and security. Let’s face it dangling people money and buying them will only feed them one day. It takes unimaginable strength to keep people fed for years. On our streets our young men are angry there fears are bubbling to the surface. They’re not making money fast enough. And the jobs are too little… Social Hypothesis to test a unknown formula will end in a bad failure.

Azimio la Tibim adherents hamchoki. Maybe you can try again 2027.

Interesting perspective.

Game bado changa. Msimamo wetu haibadiliki. Time itatuonyesha nani alikuwa right na nani alikuwa wrong.

Mjuwe ivi, elders, a stick to beat a dog can be found anywhere, si lazima iwe special

Game bado change kwa Azimio la Umoja, Ruto has been on the road since 2017 August!!!. I might be wrong but he seems to have nothing new to offer!! Eliminate handouts from his campaign strategy, He will become a punda like Musalia the Sulky.

P.O Box Sukoi

azimio people have failed. you can only cry and complain.

I think we are screwed whoever becomes president but Ruto will do it extra hard.

Mukhisa Kituyi mbele iko sawa

I hope by dog you mean RUTO!

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Napigia Mukhisa Kitui my fellow Bantu. I can’t trust the two Nilote thugs