The whole extended family

The whole extended family in one place crowded together.



Who is that old woman singing off key ?

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barren useless woman @TrumanCapote in 2030

Too much, none of those talentless people deserve to suffer. Nothing special about them. It’s just wrong to gloat about looted resources

Si mko na wivu wadauwo :green_emoji:am sure kama your great grandfathers made it to president you won’t be talking this shit kwa their respective mosoliums

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Could that have been the older wife, Wahu? Naona hii ni kitambo kabla Jayden kukula.

Kila mtu apo ako na at least 1B mahali.

:joy: Ni dementia kaka. Omba uende zion kabla ifike apo otherwise utasumbua tu wajukuu

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