The White House Press.

There are two distinct fake news groups that cover the American President.

It is not a job for the faint-hearted and includes following the president everywhere he goes. Waiting in foul weather just to get a statement from him and his foreign visitors… Working from the white house which is an ancient building full of rats, funny smells and sometimes leaking roofs.

The two groups that cover the white house include:

The White House Press Corps: rumoured to have been formed in the 1900s when Pres. Roosevelt saw a group of journalists cowering in the rain outside the white house and asked them to come in for some tea.

These guys are stationed at the white house and go wherever the President goes.

The White House Correspondents’ Association: This is the more illustrious corps. Thy also follow the president wherever he goes whatever he does 24/7, 365 days a year, whether he or she likes it or not :

The excuse is that the people have a right to know what the president is doing at all times.

The WHCA was formed in 1914 by the press members themselves who often choose which journalist will cover the whitehouse. Jim Acosta was the chief White House correspondent for CNN.

These group is very entitled because they consider themselves independent of the white house and selected to join due to ability. The WHCA decides the seating arrangement with the big press getting the front rows.
No democracy there, folks.

Lots of entitlement here.

The seating arrangement:


You can be a member of both the press corps and correspondents association.

The Press are adressed at the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room refurbished in 2007 during the George Bush presidency.

This briefing room where they seat has a huge swimming pool beneath it constructed during the March of Dimes era. But today the pool itself serves as a computer server room.


The WHCA also hosts an annual dinner, a dinner that has become quite controversial. The dinner is covered by the media themselves and has become quite Hollywood like. No celeb will just pass it up due to the vast coverage given.

This dinner was meant to celebrate the journalists’ work, share jokes with the president and his administration, hand out scholarships to journo students… but instead they invite comedians who lambast the president right in the white house and worse still the WHCA has become too close to the administration to almost appear to be bought off. Acosta and his friends were almost Obama lap dogs. The WHCA barely questioned Bush and his actions during the early days of the war on terrorism.

Trump is right in calling these fuckers fake news. The white house press corps was formed in a racist country to sell the image of an advanced democracy. Ilikuwa ni kama ku pretend. Giving the world a lesson in democracy… and yet the streets are full of racism. So there’s a lot of entitlement with this old press corp which needs shaking off.

If they like you as a president, they like you, they won’t disturb you or your policies much. These same press corps stood back when consecutive presidents used the CIA to topple govts. and kill leaders preferring instead to sell govt. spun propaganda.

Where was Jim Acosta when Obama was using drones? Just a lap dog.

Trump doesn’t attend the WHCA dinners like past presidents. Why seat through hours of insults from assholes who hate your guts?

The last WHCA dinner where they lambasted Sarah Sander’s looks:

Criticism of the WHCA dinners:

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

I love this afro sinema. What did you think when u voted this scum.
At least the world live in peace when you fight internally. Saa hii najua kuna country mungekuwa mumedispose it’s leader.
Penda saana.

Trump represents the American Dream, the American people and best of all, he has gone against the establishment and won, and he will keep winning! Fuak the press!