The what ifs' of life. What we call counter history

What could happen here;

  1. Samuel Wanjiru vs Kipchoge Keino
  2. Trump vs Obama
  3. If Hitler would have been killed during the Beer Hall Putsch fiasco
  4. Uhuru could have won in 2002
  5. Finally but controversially, what if we are in a technological simulation?

No. 4
We could have reached where Venezuela is 10 years ago

No 4 ,Kenya ingekua Kama zoomalia kwa kina @mobi

What if Mzee Kibaki had taken over in 1992 and ruled for 20 years?

Ama 1978 ?

What if hungeregister hapa Ktalk? Singeandika hili swali…
What is sikuclick hii link yako?
Singeandika haya maswali…

#5, by the rules of physics, we actually may be.