The West will do everything to keep Africa in poverty

Let everyone understand how tragic the position of Africa is in the global scheme of things. They plan to keep us in poverty forever. This video has made me angry. Just listen from the horses mouth.


Why can’t Africans sort their own problems and forget blaming others for taking care of their own interests.

Why are you angry? Is it your first time realising this?

Some questions:

  1. Do you think the civil strife in African countries are caused by Africans? E.g Nigeria, DRC, Congo, Libya, Ethiopia. That Africans are daft to fight each other?
  2. Do you think the IMF, World Bank, African Development Bank,and lately China Exxim and other European Banks are here to help us grow?
  3. Ever wondered why despite all the money poured into Africa by donors, we are still poor?
  4. That our education systems are dictated and decided by non Africans?
  5. That there is constant brain drain of our best minds?
  6. That the so called Big 8 countries always try to suppress us one way or another?
  7. It is not surprising that manufacturing and agricultural produce yields so little in Africa. Grease the palms of the puppeteers in individual countries, make them filthy rich to control the masses for you…
  8. Religion. Do you seriously think tuliletewa yesu?

Everything has been here to control us. That’s why people who try to instil and further African unity or economic independence are treated like stray dogs sooner rather than later.

Kwa village, if the chief keeps playing divide and rule ndio familia (or a very visionary chama) yenu isi-prosper…how do you go about that?

They can only do that if you are vulnerable. Why not fix your insecurities.

Depressing shit right there

Just read BBI you will understand why africa is poor…mzungu has a part into this but the influence is now almost irrelevant if a leadership is woke.

America is threatening Ethiopia cause they are woke but won’t touch them. Hapa Kenya instead of being woke maghaseer are busy marketing a report that’s more about “them” than wanjiku.

Am not saying Ethiopia is heaven but they at least doing sth to shake the yolk. We just need a kibaki type of a leader for twenty years.

This is why the West had to destroy Zimbabwe because they wanted to scare the other African nations so thoroughly that nobody will dare try to do land reforms and address historical injustices.
Thomas Sankara, Muammar Qadaffi and so many who attempted to remove the exploitation of Africa has to die and will continue to die. But it is better today than it was in 1980. Very few places in Africa are in war.
Wars → No Wars → Peace → Justice → Prosperity.
Tanzania has experienced peace for long enough that their president was able to push Barrick Gold to pay royalties and taxes. So in a way Tanzania is at Justice stage.
Libya was at Prosperity stage but Sarkozy and Clinton/Obama couldn’t stand seeing that, especially because Qadaffi had plans to create a currency to be used in the whole of West Africa and replace the CFA franc. Now Libya is at war stage. DRC is at war stage.
What is never addressed is that even during war the natural resources never stop being exported

Jah jah save us from Babylon brutality

Victim mentality by bonobos… Why cant you be like China and change attitudes?

Bonobo “the west keeps interfering in Africa, sanctions and sponsors coups. We will only develop if the west stops her dirty shenanigans in Africa”

China after a century of humiliation" we recognise that we were invaded, divided, imposed unequal treaties and our cities like Hong Kong taken. That was only possible because we were weak. We will aspire to get strong such that other nations will never conquer us again "

Watch the video and understand it.

Typical bonobo victim mindset. Is it foreigners making us tribalist? Is it foreigners crying serikali saidia for every problem we face? Is it foreigners that force us to practice corruption and nepotism every time we get into a powerful position? Upus!

Mjamaa wacha kuchezea watu akili.

Here’s the full video, halafu unaskia mlevi gatheca allowing the stupid trade deal with Trump to go on. These people will destroy us with their unscrupulous trade practices, by the time they’re done with us, tutakuwa kama Zimbabwe.

Victim mentality.

Why cant we do both

Tariq Nasheed tells us to ignore trolls because they are there to waste our time.

China was a nation before. No African country existed in its form before the 50s. The people who created the countries know what they did when they put different tribes together

Yes our countries were created by foreigners that is why we have different tribes that dont get along

Idiot, even China and Russia have very many tribes. East Russians could even be mistaken for Chinese people. But they’ve made it work despite having less than ideal foundations