The West is still baby sitting China Technologically.

Hapo kwa comments, this guy nails it.


Like I said, these western guys always overhype themselves while undermining China and Russia.


Truth be told banaa. If the west sanction’s China properly, the Chinese economy will crumble.
That’s the route Trump had taken

Nonsense. Why hasn’t the smaller Russia crumbled?

Apple vs Oranges. Has Hauwei recovered from Trump sanctions ?

Huawei made $99 billion in sales and $18 billion profit in 2021. They witnessed a significant reduction, but those figures are still pretty good for a sanctioned entity. If that’s your best example then it shows those sanctions weren’t as effective as envisioned. Trump went for the jugular because the company was growing from strength to strength even without the US market.

I’d say they’re still doing well for a company that was denied semiconductors and locked out of Google Play, literally the two most important aspects of their product. And I can assure you by 2030, China will be a major player in the semiconductor industry. The EU and US are witnessing historic levels of inflation because of their stupid sanctions on Russia, but you expect me to believe they’d be unscathed if they implemented the same on China?

That China cannot make high pressure plunger pumps must be the biggest joke of the century.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
I wanted to educate you bonobos but nimeona you consume content from an anti China channel funded by the state department .I can’t waste time with brainwashed primates


USA and China fans at it again. I couldn’t give a flying fk about either. The bigger question is how does Kenya benefit? And the biggest question is how do I benefit? Hizi zingine ni macroeconomic bullcrap that never translates to real dollars in your pocket as an African bonobo.

There goes @Sambamba , anyone holding contrary views to his is labeled a bonobo.