The Welsh Xavi

Speaking to a young Wales competition winner, who spent the day with his national heroes, Joe Allen revealed that he in fact supported the Red Devils. Talk about Judas, How can a player who played for four seasons for Liverpool pull of that trash. On Sunday you will know who the real Heros are. Liverpool will outshine the red devils. As for the welsh Xavi??? Give me a break, how can Brendan Rogers even compare to the great Xavi??? the guy can hit a barn door. LIVERPOOL FOREVER YNWA.

Liverpool mmeshinda a few games sasa mmefura matako

So, just coz he played for Liverpool he’s not supposed to reveal the club that he supported as a young fella? Hio Kiburi itamaliziwa kwa uwanja…

Q: What ship didn’t make it to Liverpool?
A: The premier ship

For your information liverpool has lifted the premiership 18 times. That Q & A is only funny to yourself

only meant for manchester UNITED fans…thats where the humor lies SIZE8

If you look at other statistics as well, you will realize that Liverpool is more successfull than Manchester United. If you need facts…ask.

i ask… LAY THEM DOWN…sir

what makes a team more successful than the rest if i may ask

Rankings my friend

silverware sir…cups…dont judge us from our latest downfall