The week that was

I am a crier because I have a soft heart but this week, this week I haven’t stopped crying.

A woman my age died of Covid. She was such an amazing woman and mother. She had adopted a boy who died 2 years back. Her marriage broke down and she had a biological son. I remember reading on her page, her words to her late adopted son, she said, I have waited for you and I will wait a thousand years to be with you. Now she is with him. I can’t imagine how her surviving son no more than 10 years old feels. In his short life he has already lost so much, my heart aches for him.

Then 2 brothers died in custody after being arrested for violation of curfew. What kind of a country do we live in my fellow Kenyans? I have NEVER hated being a Kenyan more than this week. The worst part is how Matiangi and Uhuru are demanding answers. If they don’t have answers what about the common mwana inchi? Something must give. We can’t go on this way. We just CAN NOT.

We as Kenyans and as Christians need to invoke the wrath of God because we have ignored the impunity, the inhumanity and the jungle that Kenya has become for way too long. Yes, people died, some became blind but we accepted and moved on. Now, this. Can someone please explain to me, who the hell is safe in Kenya. If the very police supposed to protect you are the ones killing wantonly.

Yes, we do not have bombs and guns but we have tears and knees to petition divine intervention. Enough is enough. Enough already. Kenyans lives are not chicken to be slaughtered over a stupid curfew. No. STOP. Stop killing us. STOP KILLING KENYAN CHILDREN. If I didn’t have the impetus to pray, believe you, me, now I do. We can no longer accept and move on. If two brothers are dead and for what, can you be assured of the safety of your children in this country? Do you think this mother ever imagined something like this could happen to her children?

It can’t just be business as usual. Enough already. I lack words. Mom I am so, so, so sorry for your unfathomable loss. Kenyans it is time to wake the ferk up. This is not a country with a government, even in a jungle you are safer than this. Alafu to add insult to injury answers are being demanded as if it’s rocket science. I have never been this angry in my life. What kind of a country is this? I didn’t know these people but I have just had enough of the madness in this country and I am taking this up with God. End of rant.

Understandable. But the first question I ask is who did you vote for, nationally and in your county. Did they ever exhibit behaviors that could drive the country from shithole status. You can’t land in the sun if you never aimed there. We are just eating our choices. Can’t put cabbages in the frying pan and expect sukuma wiki with mchuzi when the lid opens. Meanwhile we will continue dying.

I recall a gypsy woman, and I thought your 50years, hiyo Ni bonus, but we live on borrowed time

God does hear and answer prayers, and I believe He will, as, and when, He pleases. But, as @simiyu has rightly pointed out, choices do have consequences. Some things are of man, not God. He has given us to know good and evil, but we dabble in evil for personal gain.
Remember the children of Israel, who, in their foolishness and desire to be like the other tribes around them, went and demanded of Samuel, “Give us a king!” Samuel did warn them what a king would do to them, but they still clamoured for a king. God listened, and gave them the tall, handsome, son of Kish, Saul. A man pleasing to the eye, but the Spirit of God was not with him. No, not for long. Remember when Saul stepped upto the altar to offer an already rejected sacrifice–making himself the priest, actually, playing god, just because he could–and consequently making Israel to lose the war, with a terrible slaughter?
Kenyans demanded of God a king, liwe liwalo, and He listened. This tribulation is for a season, if they will listen to what God says. But as usual, many will dismiss the notion of God and laugh it off as some madness, yet continue to cry that they are oppressed. They do not see that whatever law that oppresses them was written with their own hand. And in the same way that they placed chains on themselves, they can remove those chains. How?
Let’s call good good, and evil evil. Is it not written, Woe unto them, they that call good evil, and evil good? This is what you see every day. We have normalized evil, that’s what it means to call evil good. We don’t condemn and act against violence, brutality, theft, bribery, sloppiness in public service, dishonesty, lies, and sheer folly, when someone else is the victim. We have people in parliament creating laws that make sense only to them.
Why? Because we are selfish, simple. People act for the good of themselves and their tribe. How foolish this very thought is! Naturally, if one finger is dipped in oil, it flows into the other fingers. We choose leadership based on ridiculous values, like what mother tongue one speaks. Let the seriousness of that sink in.
When you get ‘job applications’ for the positions of those who will control your destiny, and that of your children, and after reviewing their credentials you choose those who speak your mother tongue, just because they do, what kind of recruitment is that!
It is time to pray for our eyes to be opened as a nation. Even as we know we have tribes, the hard and painful truth is we must think and act as a nation, if we hope to survive and thrive. Interrogate honestly the people you place in public office, because these hold the power of life and death over you, even literally. Ask the children of Israel what their demands to Samuel–and ultimately to God–did to them.
We must cultivate the personal courage and discipline to condemn wrong, however small and trivial, and whoever is doing it. There is no other god, but what is good and fair.

Why does that even matter!? Who did YOU vote for, and what difference has it made?

I see her mention at two “politicians”. It does matter. Who will spearhead requested changes. Maybe I didn’t vote because I didn’t expect anything.

You know very well that I didn’t vote for Jubilee and I am not on Railas side after he joined these people and I am also not with William. I have decided to cast my vote in heaven for Kenya, not Ruto or Raila bcz all of these people have failed us. Now it’s only God we have left and take it from me, there’s no election people have prayed for like this one. I have faith God will help us bcz we are powerless against these people they will rig elections and kill protestors.

First off I have never voted for any other person but Raila. However in 2022 I will not vote for him or William Salmonella. I am casting my vote in heaven. For Kenya. This country is under such a demonic hold that nobody is safe. The other day 12 bodies of Kenyan women arrived on one day from Gulf. Is this normal? If you look at how much tax we are paying, we are working as slaves to the government. We are unsafe and enslaved in our own country.

For sure, we have abandoned God and worshipped mamon and tribe and for that we are repenting. We are slowly waking up to the hole we are in as a nation. We are turning our faces crest fallen to God to save us from our folly.

Even Manaseh who was so evil when He repented God forgave him and saved him from the Babylonians. Kenya isn’t a lost cause. I know things can change if we put our hope in God instead of these people we vote for.

What is happening in this country is an abomination. We can not see a mother losing 2 grown sons and we continue business as usual. We will give God no rest until the people who did this rot in jail. I am not even a parent but the pain I have felt is too much. Our God is a Man of war, Jehovah Gibor. If Kenyan Police think that they are above the law, they are not above God. We want God Himself to go to war with them. I have no doubt in my mind that God will act on our behalf, kwanza what has pained me most is that one of the two officers is a woman. Yaani a mother can be this heartless to kill 2 sons from the same mother? That woman must face the wrath of God. Someone who knows the pain of having a child? I’m so disgusted. In fact I want her name so that I can mention her before God because a woman who can do this is just a demon. As surely as the Lord liveth this woman will regret what she did that night for the rest of her days. Her seed is cursed.She will be a by word among other police. Let me tell you this will be the water shed moment. And we will not do it in the streets like George Floyd but in our prayer closet because this is a job for God not men.

Its a dog eat dog society unfortunately. Other day my uncle collapsed with a massive headache. They got him to hospital. His kids called, doc said he needed a scan. Even that scan we had to pay for. But the tech tried to scatter with the money because the thought the kids wouldnt know.

If there’s one thing that you must pray for in Kenya is that you never fall ill that’s when you will see the real fangs of greed. Utajionea maajabu. How many times have I declined to be operated? Nikiambiwa the way I am dying yet I’m very OK just need some meds and time. Someone looks at your medical cover and sees operation. Kenya is a nasty place all around.

People are stealing even from the dying! This insane love of money will be the end of many. No wonder we have cops on the road looking the other way as a murderous matatu driver zooms past on the pavement, yet they want to harass innocent people hoping you’ll bribe them. They stop people and waste their time over nonsense, when it’s obvious who is breaking traffic rules. Meanwhile, other people keep getting injured or killed, from preventable accidents.

I can tell you story after story. I was once forced to sign a no liability form after I refused to be admitted for operation, few days later I was as fit as a fiddle. I always pray to God that when my time comes I will not be in the hands of these people, the worst and greediest people I have ever met.

When you have a situation where systems are broken down, simple issues are made to appear so complex as to make you feel hopeless and helpless, simply because no one is ready to explain issues clearly, so as to benefit from the ignorance of the person being served. No one takes responsibility, and in fact it’s the people who ask questions who are demonized and shown the door

If I told you how doctors use fear mongering tactics to get money out of you for unnecessary procedures you would be shocked.

I went to a young dentist in Hurligham having a tooth ache the guy was like I remove the tooth other wise it will spoil the rest of the teeth near it. I left. I have never removed any tooth. I left and went to a different one at Molars in CBD, he filled a cavity and I was fine. I really hate Kenyan doctors who are too money hungry it’s like going to a lions den they scare you to get your money

It’s a terrible shame that there is a generation that has grown up thinking that the way to get things done is to use tricks and underhand methods. Real work and honest ways of earning a living are not appreciated by a majority. People want to be paid for doing nothing, the unnecessary, even the harmful. In fact they are surprised when not charged for some things they shouldn’t pay for. Why offer to do a procedure not needed, that will affect the person for the rest of their life, for a few thousand shillings?
I always say our biggest problems are not economic; they are moral–what is the spirit that motivates us to work in confusion, as we do? The root is moral rot, which eats away the values of honesty and professionalism. Integrity and work ethic are just meaningless words we like to throw around, but there is no practical meaning to them…

What do you expect when the role models are William Salmonella and Waiguru? Do these people espouse work ethic?

The cabal of those that do not espouse work ethic is legion

Tell me about it. It’s almost a cardinal sin to be an honest person in Kenya. In fact there’s offices you cant hold like being a traffic cop or working in procurement.

Those are careers desired by some in those professions for the loopholes they provide. There are people who can only survive in such an environment. Put them in a rigorous performance-based work environment, and you’ll hear the hue and cry. Utaitwa mkoloni, dictator, kaburu, and all other unsavoury names the lazy and corrupt coin for people who demand that things be done right. We ought to import a Kagame for a decade or two to put people in their places and do a social reset. Those types of people would find earth very hard.

I think even a Kagame can’t help us bcz we are dyed in the wool corrupt. Imagine that in Rwanda books for school selling for 150 Bob are 700 Bob in Kenya. The same books and suppliers. In Kenya regulators huwekwa kwa mfuko to look the other way.