The way towards the centre of the Milky Way Super Galaxy

At this time of the year, anywhere in East Africa, whoever looks towards the centre of the sky kutoka saa moja na nusu mpaka saa tano, jioni, they are more likely to be looking towards the centre of the Milky Way Super Galaxy! If you are not in town, wakati kama huu ambapo hakuna mwezi, the centre of the Milky Way ni hapo unaona pako brightest with dense haze, or bright dust.

Right now right over head, tuko na 2 very prominent constellations. Sagittarius and the mighty Scorpio. Scorpio ni that wavy line of stars imejichora kama letter S. Kichwa iko kama muthuka was mbembe.

Hio brightest ‘star’ between Sagittarius and Scorpio ni Jupiter
This is my presentation of the Sagittarius Constellation

But there better and more refined presentations in the Internet, of course. Like this one

So the centre of the Milky Way is right overhead of us right now.


Unasema nini

Bhangi zimeshika

sisi ni pesa tunatafuta tu. wenye kutafuta milky way watafute.

lakini hiyo calculation ya parsec yawa no wonder niko media :smiley: easy as pie for my dad though

I thought we are in the centre of the lactic galaxy?

watoto wa nairobi hawajawahi ona stars let alone constellations.

andromeda and milky way are heading towards each other in a galactic collision. Satan is actually the center of andromeda spiral. It will be the last clash of the titans. all other galaxies are a not real but are reflection of the quartet, which includes the large and the small magellanic clouds. We(everything that has ever existed) will then enter singularity, which is another name for non existence.

contrary to their delusions, humans are hardly the center of anything.

All that’s known about the Milky Way is mostly speculation. Especially it’s size and it’s shape. There’s no way they can take a photograph of the galaxy from outside the galaxy. So, what they do is what you would do if you were two or more in a dusty place and no mirror around. You look at your partner and assume that the way they appear is also the way you are. Huko kwingine wanamalizia na calculations za mahesabu wazimu kuruka!

The earth is flat.

Scorpio and Jupiter are looking amazing this season.

You can take a picture of the milky way when you have the correct camera or settings in some phones . You will need a tripod since the exposure will be around 30 seconds

@Soprano mbona binadamu wako kihehere hivo. They want to known the outer space na wakishindwa kulocate ile ndege ya Malaysia.

You cannot take an outer picture of the house you live in if your camera cannot go outside rafiki. No satellite has left the Milky Way.

Without kuangalia outer space, hungekuwa na vitu unatake for granted kama sea transport, calculating circumference, knowing how to navigate, Google maps etc etc. No imports.

How? Hii yote ni kelele we don’t know even how our seabed looks like.

They are in the process of editing this statement so that badala ya collision it will be merger. Because the galaxies are not like 2 solid bodies like two planets or stars. They say there are vast empty spaces within them. There is destined to be several collisions between individual stars, planets and other heavenly bodies, but those will be just mere curtain raisers for the real game, the gravity duel!

Ni kelele juu hujui. Itawacha kuwa kelele when you educate yourself.

Even Maasais look up to know how to move forward out in the open.

Just google milkyway long exposures esp za deserts … utatii … and you can take a picture of the milkyway … just google the pictures

You cannot take a full picture of the milky way because it is bigger than you and there’s no camera than can capture it’s size bro.

Who said full picture… stop being lazy