The way I love this man and I am from the mountain

BTW I have realised that the people from Mount Kenya who love this man, love him for free and with a passion. At times I imagine Kenya without him and I just can’t imagine him leaving us in the hands of Gachietha and Zakayo. OMG. Imagine Kenya without Baba. Too painful to even imagine. I am too much in love with this man. Too much.

niko nyuma ya daktari

I agree 100%.
Try also to persuade @Finest wine to join us.

dakitari ni huyu mumama** for clarity (Truman Streckfus Persons Makena)

Huyo hawesmeki

Akikupumulia ama wewe ndio Una breathe hot air Kwa hiyo usogo yake.

Siwes na siwes.:D:D:D

2 of my sistas are Assmiod. And so are my friends. Lakini mimi siwes. Baba has his fans in Cendro na walijitokelezea sana…

@TrumanCapote :

Confirm …???
Are you in the “Healing Fraternity” … ??? :D:D:D

No. I only heal books by reading them. :smiley:

Sawa …
All in all …
Today was a nice day …:D:D