The Warm Temperatures on planet Earth.

Is Earth solely warmed up by the sun , or does the super hot earth interior contribute in regulating the Earth’s temperatures ?


I say, the sun based on its ‘angled’ position to earth. Why else would Yakutsk be the coldest, Mawsynram wettest at 26000mm a year and Atacama the driest with 1mm precipitation a year?

The warming is dual, both form sun and earth interior. Replace the hotter interior with ice and earth will be cold.
The phenomenon of the higher you go, the colder it gets, and the lower your go the hotter it gets, is this in relation to the distance from the center of the earth, where is hottest ? , or, why does it get cold towards the sun, and hot toward the center of the earth ?

The earth core is constantly cooling but will take a few decades before temperatures drop to below zero