The Waltons Make $4 Million Per Hour

The fortune of America’s richest dynasty is growing by $4 million every hour, according to Bloomberg’s annual list of the world’s wealthiest families. Those are the stats for the Walton family, which draws its $190.5 billion fortune from Walmart. The Mars family (of candy fame) comes in second on the list, with $126.5 billion, while the Kochs round out the top three with wealth valued at $124.5 billion. Collectively, the 25 families on the list are worth nearly $1.4 trillion — a 24% increase from 2018.

[SIZE=7]The Waltons Make $4 Million Per Hour…[/SIZE]

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What are the expenditures of Walmart per hour ?

Do you seriously expect me to go find that out for you?

thats what the mainstream media feeds you, the jp morgans the rothschild family are the wealthiest and probably the shot callers

yeah, and the Rockefeller family