The WALL.remains undefeated and relentless

The Wall is like a Black Hole that women are orbiting and get ever closer to as they age. They can get worried, and try to pull away from the Black Hole going to full thrusters with a better diet, more exercise, medical intervention, but eventually they get pulled in.

It is an equalizer for a blue pill simp who gets to finally have a woman show interest in him. The wall is beta’s best friend. But also his worst nightmare.

The Wall is one of nature’s most beautiful sights. It is the Great Equalizer.

It means that time in a woman’s life when she is no longer attractive to men at large, so she receives no further special treatment from society based on her looks.

For most modern women, this is the time that she truly begins to be on her own. She is forced to reflect on how fleeting beauty is, and now that for the rest of her life she will have to rely on her personality and hard-earned skills to get by. Now there are some exceptions to this rule, but they are very hard to come by.

Young MEN, they will be ALL OVER you once your past 40……your time to say “NO”, WILL COME……it’s funny, that “What goes around,…comes around”, ain’t it fellas.

And then WHATEVER they promise you at THAT point of their desperation……they will STILL be lying to you, to get an EASY RIDE, off your blood, sweat and tears……


Get your shit together fellas.

Mwaga Ndanii for senator

Every 24 hours, a bitch ages a day while a man gets one day’s experience…:D:D:D:D:D. Life is good as a man, NGL.

The thing a man has to do is simply avoid alcohol, daily exercises, dress fittingly, and work on his grind. Time is a man’s friend.

Hii kitu umepost 69 times. Same topic. Same message. Different wording. Why are you so obsessed with women and their aging process?

Have a drink once in a while but leave that all-night-clubbing shit to dem bitches

Thats my area of specialization. I have a PHd

You’ve got to reaffirm your beliefs on a daily basis in order for them to manifest themselves. Same with church and daily prayers…

As for obsession with women, I don’t fuck wrinkly hoes. The work I put into my hustle and body should be compensated with a young tight woman who is submissive to my course. No two ways about it… How can I work so hard and fuck wrinkly hoes? I will be doing an injustice to myself.



Trying to limit my drinking to 2 Heinekens, then I exit the club. If a bitch follows well and good, if they don’t; tomorrow is another day to prospect better bitches… Hangovers and the such nimewacha 2019.

Oh Lawd if it isn’t the Lord of the walls again. Nani amehit wall leo? Leta picha.

Thats the way to go man, by your mid 30s if u maintain that frame u will be a BEAST



Si mkulane Mwende kwa nyumba zenu muwache kelele mingi, kesho most of the villagers have an early morning to go lick their bosses matter core … Self employed villagers endeleeni kuosha rungu and order another round for fellow Alphas

Very correct. Every man who has been in the trenches ought to respect his hustle, resources and dick. Sikh hizi dem akiwa:-
[li]Over 25,[/li][li]A single mother, [/li][li]Amehama kutoka kwa parents yake wenye wako Nairobi,[/li][li]Anaishi mitaa duni,[/li][li]Isn’t working on improving her circumstances by way of a job, business or schooling,[/li][/ol]
Naondokea roho safi. Ukiomba pesa ya gas, chakula, stima, rent, fare etc ujue unakula block hapo na hapo.

Reaffirm the teachings SENSEI


Uko na 50 years so hao ndio madame pekee unaweza pata. Pole :smiley:


I dont engage faggots sorry.