the wall is undefeated

Huyu ashaona wall imeanza akaona arushe mtama kwa any potential beta male willing to waste his money. Expect major manipulation huko mbele.[ATTACH=full]281415[/ATTACH]

Time humbles them all

@Panyaste★ , you can make applications pale “twirra”

Siku hizi kuna hadi female trolls on Twitter. Afurahie kuona vijanaa wa manjaa waki respond. Interesting times ahead…

Wanaumianga saidi

“Ukuje uingie kwa life yangu”

Yep, she is definitely baiting the Twitter simps just to get a little boost of validation from all the attention. Twitter inakuwanga imejaa weak betas so it’s the perfect place for females to do this shit.

Hiyo maraya ni troll tuu, am sure loaded guys will chat her up and end up paying handsomely for her kuma.

Smells like a catfish


:D:D:D C’mon give the lady a break.


Kitu hasemi kwa hiyo life yake kuna kamjuniour atakusurprise in the course of time.Mnaingia relationship with bruises and wounds of the past.

:D:D:D:D:D…The mighty wall is relentless and undefeated

Tuma number nimkamue na nirudi karura

Wasito wafanye hiyo application haraka

This is a trench war and we can and WILL hold the Maginot line longer than you can stay viable