The wall is supreme - Cathrine Kamau

10 years ago she was the hottest thang in primetime TV. Fast forward and a decade later she now looks like your grandmother back in the village. Gentlemen, the wall is supreme. If you cant get 'em young, dont get 'em at all. I pity the beta male who married her last year…hii ndio mwanzo wa ngoma


Yani kuna mwanaume alinunua hii gazeti saa moja jioni. Heheh. Prove me wrong…at her age ako na at least one kid already. Hii narrative hukuwa predictable sana.

A beta male by the name Phil…negro alioa kitu vijana wa Subaru wamemaliza thread…not to mention that she was already a single mother with an adolescent kihìi.

Ukiwahi amua kuoa usichukue anything over 25 years ama iko na mtoto. Najua hutakangi hiyo story but in case you ever change your mind. Take it from a sage. You are better off alone than with a 25+ woman with a bastard.

25 ni mob sana ata. Cut off should be 22 years maximum for those contemplating that evil path. From experience, by the time a woman hits 24 years hakuna kitu unaeza mfunza mpya…her alpha male hangover wont let you live in peace.

Beta male ilioa post-wall chieth iko na kipii kishafika puberty. Raw deal if you ask me. Alafu the guy gets dragged in her vlogging shenanigans like the weak nigga that he is. Huyo ataonyeshwa kanyoni wa ng’ethe sasa after kunguru kumzalia.

MGTOW= FREEDOM…Beta male , Phil atajua maana ya Alpha male ghost s Ni Nini. Why men invest in depreciating assets is mind boggling.

What’s with the age limit
Last time i checked early marriages lead to early divorces

Na jamaa hadi ikaenda ruracio na ikafanya harusi. Hiyo pesa heri angeweka kwa money market ama alete tumwonyeshe vile inaweza fanya damage kwa online business.

In my observation, women like her would rather stay single than marry broke men. So,it is safe to assume the Phil character is loaded. If he is loaded, he could obviously get a younger and childless student aoe. So, huyu mwanaume ni mjinga 10X juu he had options. Kunguru ni mjanja alipata mimba ASAP before jamaa realized the raw deal…heheh

Single mother tulikataa maneno yao

Any woman with a kid, above 25 years or both.

I usually see the nigga Phil side za Sukari whenever I go to see my folks. It’s hilarious seeing him walking with the teenager trying to play father.You can actually hear him yelling ‘‘save me’’ but the beta is knee deep and can’t be saved.
There’s this one time I saw them in QuickMart and he visibly looked uncomfortable when the teenager said “dad nibuyie kuku”
The woman has transformed into a feminazi and what he is currently getting is clearly not what he signed up for.
Anyway this script is very familiar and we know how it will end but we say to each his own.

I once saw him around Roysambu just a few weeks after their wedding and nigga already looked so defeated and downtrodden. Sasa anajaribu kuplay daddy kwa mwanaume mwenzake mwenye amepata akiwa puberty? This dude is in for rough time, especially now that kunguru imemzalia and he can’t back out.

Mashoga Going Their Own Way are having a wankfest hapa

O tene.

wanawake huchapa haraka sana. A man can go from looking like a grandfather to a stallion with piece of mind and fat pockets

Defeated and downtrodden by too much honeymoon sex?

Hehehe this comment deserves an award

At some point in the near future, uyo wako wa 20 years will also hit the wall.