The wall is merciless


She hit a wall or what do you mean? why is she crying?

Hehehehe. Homosexual huwa unawatch iyo program ya maid

Kwani Tanya ako na madevu siku hizi?

Huyu ukuta bado wacha porojo that’s make-up done for a scene shenji.

Shut UP…See latest pic…Huyu ata akiwa 50 years bado atakua MILF SAFI kama ‘Grandma’’ Esther Passaris…


Garden variety haielewi makeup ya tee fee acting

Tanya bado ni nganya boss. Zero scandles, well behaved and beautiful.

Size, shape na sura ni Ile napendanga kapsaa.

I prefer Janet Mbugua


What happened to her?

aliolewa na alpha male halafu elements of islam labda ndio zimefanya atulie

anakuwanga na rangi mbaya hivo

Passaris huwa na shape ya packet ya unga :smiley:

Kua mpole- garden variety ~
of the usual or ordinary type; commonplace.
"they are your everyday, garden-variety kenyans “

Who is the alpha male?

So to you a light skinned Somali woman or a Mulatto is superior to your bantu or nilotic skin?

You even insist that hata akifikisha 50 bado ako sawa.

Don’t say that patco tells you guys that you are inferior, it is already ingrained in your African software and conscience that ngozi light = perfection. :smiley:

You don’t know it but it is burnt into the core of your African brain.

(The long straight hair is also superior.)

This lady above, Passaris, Julie Gichuru… to you they will always be BETTER, SUPERIOR.

Ndio maana hamtaki hii…


Conpare to the level of attention this received :


anaitwa Martin. you want a piece of him?