The wall defeats them all

Is this for real…if it is, then the wall is merciless! Ladies should take care of business at their prime.

Everyone gets old and worn out. Not just the ladies but even men. I am 40 and I feel that I am not the young swift guy I was at 25.

I’m 19 and I’m slower than I was when I was 14

there is a context when they reffer to women hitting the wall. Its not about getting old.

is your wallet any better than when you were 25? if yes, it should double compensate and oyu smash all these younglings you could not when you were their age. As to whether you are as aggressive as you were 25 is neither here nor there. You dont owe any girl a marathon race. If 30 seconds is all you can manage at your 40 and you feel good pouring, its good and a great way to thank your body and reward yourself. Akitaka marathon akapewe kwingine; at least you got your satisfaction.

Even young men should invest their hard-earned monies during the bulk of their 20s and 30s

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Jessica Simpson banaaaaaa

You MGTOW fags actually seek out and watch lengthy videos of dorks vlogging from their basements about women.