The Wakhungu granny...


halafu wakishalipa corona ipite na yeye immediately. hasara sana

How many plots are those in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi. Mayb waliuza grabbed piece of property, belonging to Kenya Railways in the west of Nairobi.

And other tribes still maintain that the Kenyattas and Mois are the only dollar billionaires in Kenya. What a terrible lie.

Is there hope for Kenya? The sheer arrogance of corrupt cartels is unbelievable.

800 million recovered by the government. To be paid off to the next tenderpreneur.

This is only 8million dollars. A billion dollars iko mbali kidogo. Like 992m more. Hizo ni kadhaa.

Tu dat, they could have bribed prison officials to give her a comfortable life in jail. I do not care how rich you are 800 million is 800 million.

Kenyan judiciary is a joke

Guys get ready for Supreme shafting like this.

I have been reading this book The Sovereign Individual by Dale Davidson & Lord William Moog. This book predicted a future where the internet will end late stage capitalism. In the new order, national boundaries will cease to exist as the Sovereign Individual can move his assets seamlessly across countries. A future where governments will no longer be able to survive on taxes and resorts to desperate measures like kidnapping the wealthy for ransom like they’re doing to Wakhungu. Governments will have to work extra hard to retain the wealth within their boundaries if the next territory is offering better living.

A thought provoking book. Enjoy

They should also raise money to release Waluke

This is an incredibly wealthy family, the have been in the highest levels of government in Kenya and UG since independence. Hiyo kwao ni pocket change. But the fact that even with their immense wealth they’re still stealing from us should tell you how much of evil assholes they are. ‘Uncle Moody’ is still chairing and stealing from a GOK org meant to serve the youth.

Are you defending your Luhya tribe to show that they are lesser thugs and therefore kinder thugs to the citizenry they steal from?

You are also trying to say that they are dollar millionaire thugs and not dollar billionaire thugs like the Kikuyus and Kalenjins?

The fact that they can raise $8 million at a time of Covid emergency is testament that your Luhya thieving brethren have similarly attained dollar billionaire status. Hawa sio multi millionaires, hawa ni dollar billionaires.

The judge assumed they were dollar millionaires who will most certainly feel the pinch of losing $8 million at a time like this but the poor lady was wrong. Afadhali angesema fine ni kshs. 8 billion ama hata 80 billion. @revisionist from Busia.

Hata Waiguru ako impressed. That the Luhyas can raise the same amount she was accused of stealing from NYS and raise it in a matter of a few weeks…

Ama ni ile gold huwa tunaskia iko huko Luhyaland?? Yaani mnatoa pesa ni kama matawi kwa miti??? @uwesmake no wonder the Kikuyu ladies…

On this one hapana, hata wao wenyewe wameshangaa. The judge thought that she had made history.

From the news article in the tweet an unnamed a nephew of this lady gave $1 million. Shika. Tumia!

Mnadhani ako na ngapi zingine. Coz his total networth can’t be $10 million, @revisionist

There is so much inequality on our land Kenya, Corruption cartels are growing bigger by the day, if they can raise this much to bail out one of their own,it means this is just a drop in the ocean from what has been stolen from the public coffers.

James Mwangi gave 3m USD for Covid Fund. Na yeye bado sio dollar billionaire. So swali yako sielewi.

The nephew may have 100 more where that 1 came from. But not 1000 more. Else angekua kwa global wealthy lists. But make no mistake. 100m USD is an extremely wealthy person. Maybe even in the global top 10%

This is a rant bila msimamo ama mwelekeo:D

Luhya’s are loaded.

The upper-class have not tribe, race, or religion. Why do you always have to make bottom-of-the-barrel-IQ arguments? Ohh, I forgot. You’re a fuckin imbecile.