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Ruto should never ride on the hustlers tag this coming election. Next time he utters that word leave alone try to identify with them, i`ll make it my job to shout him through the numerous platforms technology has afforded us.He used to suffer,eons ago but most of his life he has lived on the other side of the divide.Word is that he deserted the peasant category while in campus,the unfortunate majority(90%) . We all know he vukad the border. A billionaire( in Kenya, ukiwa in a powerful government position you cant afford not to be 1 cos money is literally forced at you), owner of a 5 star hotel that hosts a majority of government sponsored conferences, a private developer and a proud majority shareholder of Amaco Merchant Insurance among numerous other ventures that i will write about another day. He is now a member of the elite club, the 10% who control 90% of Kenya’s wealth, while the rest 90% of us , the real Hustlers who he claims to identify with, scramble for a meager 10%.We literally feed on crumbs given our national wealth. Peasants win elections in Kenya, so dear citizens dont let that man insult you by allowing him to brand himself as one of you.Remind him that no one exits the womb of their mom with the steering wheel of a Range Rover or even a shilling for that matter. If after birth ,we find ourselves well off it is either because we have a strategic mind and have worked smart, we have inherited or done what the majority of kenyan politicians are experts at(stolen or compromised for a major tender). Boldly ask him which of those categories he belongs to…we are all aware our humble president {God bless him} inherited stolen billions so he is innocent AF. @Some Say Ruto is a thief, methinks he is a strategic genius . A strategic genius who is a genius at thieving.


Spoken like a sage.

Boss umeshika nare sana, hii post ingekua poa Monday. :D:D

Instead of complaining hata wewe kaibe!

a strategic genius all the same…

Kweli you are @Fearless

He was born with nothing but he has achieved it all…, you don’t become that powerful by sheer luck and ranting about other people. Future president my friend! Oh! If you want it all, you must want it all. Lazima ujitume…, and to quote what he always says (my friend, everything i have achieved is through sheer hard ‘wok’)


All else aside, this guy is a go-getter! a real hard worker aka…hustler!

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Sasa lala Boiyo, don’t fight what you can’t change. The President in waiting yuko sawa ama namna gani?

Hayuko sawa. We want our next leader to be someone who observes Proverbs 29:2-12
2 Show me a righteous ruler and I will show you a happy people. Show me a wicked ruler and I will show you a miserable people.
3 If you appreciate wisdom, your parents will be proud of you. It is a foolish waste to spend money on prostitutes.
4 When the king is concerned with justice, the nation will be strong, but when he is only concerned with money, he will ruin his country.

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Only a minority are against him, the one’s who demonize their government and opposed to all projects, the ones comparing Kenya to TZ and Ethiopia, the bitter ones who refused to accept and move on.


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Only a minority are against him, the one’s who demonize their government and opposed to all projects, the ones comparing Kenya to TZ and Ethiopia, the bitter ones who refused to accept and move on.
We accepted him and even accept if he is to be in government again, but only as DP. Jubilee will disintegrate after Uhurus term[/QUOTE]

I’m proudly in the minority of those who HATE Ruto. I’m incapable of believing Ruto is the best we can do as a country. I may lose but I will never ‘accept & move on’

Human and animal society must have a pecking order including the spiritual world where god is supreme followed by jesus, hspirit, angels, prophets na mwishowe mwananichi. Hizo zingine ni fairy tale za Utopia.

A man cannot be a thief and a genius OF THE SAME ART.

I also don’t like the guy, but I admire him.

If Uhuru was in WSR shoes - born a peasant, without Kenyatta name, called like john kamau - will he be where he is? Methinks he would be one of those kumikumi addicts in gatundu.