The victimhood of the black man (The Return of Mbaku)

So here we go… People of african descedent are the weakest people on this earth. For those non africans who didn’t believe it before, they do now, for how can someone deserve of any respect go around the world kneeling and begging for human rights? In no way would any respectful black man go around asking white people for human rights and equal threatments but due to inferiority complex and the seek to be accepted by white people and other non black people you will see people of african descedent globally asking for human rights and they love this state of victimhood.

The inferiority complex is detrimental… As an african in no way do i associate myself with europeans, chinese, arabs, etc so how can they hurt me emotionelly if i dont associate with them? If they do hurt me physically i will fight back with 2 times that force. For you who doesn’t understand the concept of not associating yourself with europeans since you subconsciously deem yourself as mini europeans with your european names, its like the way you can have a chinese friend but dont associate yourself with chinese people because you are not chinese.

Due to this inferiority complex and seek to be accepted into european spaces, and other non african spaces, its why you will see people of african descedent cry when europeans say they dont date africans, or say that africans in a specific european like germany arent ‘‘afro-germans’’ but just africans. How can someone respect you as a people when you dont seek to build your own instead want to force yourself within someone elses community? Look at african americans, Malcolm X gave them the answers decades ago (he gave it to all black people globally) about how they should build their communities instead of trying to force themselves into white peoples community where they are not wanted, but most rather do just that and force themselves where they are not wanted. You see them cry because a shop doesn’t want to serve blacks, like why would you want to give someone who hates you your hard earned money? Support your own african american people and build community wealth, thats how you get respect and not by marching and begging in your knees to be accepted.

[ATTACH=full]307141[/ATTACH] How can you accuse me of racism against my fellow black people when im Unapologetically Black?


@Tom Bayeye

If you understood my post you would have understood the answer… Racism is not the issue but that we are not respected. And respect is earned by having power, either economocal, militaristic, political or social. That is how a people earn respect. Even chinese people endured racism from europeans 100 years ago, but you dare touch a chinese today you will face repercussion. Just look at how China set the whole world in lockdown, but how many worldwide news have you heard about chinese people being victimised in the world? None and infact it has been us africans whom have been facing the racism even during this corona, even from the chinese whom spread it to the world and are now accusing us of spreading it. Again, the answer is simple. Stop seeking acceptance and start seeking respect which is earned through power. Let them continue hate us but that they know there is repercussion in touching an african, which there is none right now.

the answer is simple. Stop seeking acceptance and start seeking respect which is earned through power. Let them continue hate us but that they know there is repercussion in touching an african, which there is none right now.

@Tom Bayeye has a point. what can we do?
they control our very own existence. we import everything from them from basics like toothpicks to education, technology, language, culture.
what really can Africans/Black people do?
we can stand up. but stand up with what?

but your right, they don’t respect us in any way, and we can only get the respect by standing up for ourselves.

But the answer is right infront of you… Start producing your own toothpicks, education, technology, language and culture. Thats what you can do. The problem is inferiority complex and that we cant come together to build up for ourselves even in Africa. Just look in East Africa where we call ourselves independent nations whom has 100+ million swahili speakers but prefer to use english/french in school because we believe that we cannot learn science in swahili… What we can do is to develope swahili so we are able to teach science in it. The solution for every single of those questions is easy but we make it hard. We have everything we need to succed except the idea that ‘‘we have everything we need to succeed and we can do it on our own’’.

that’s true.
if i was to say that the white man did a number on black people’s minds?
or how can you explain our inferiority complex?

Its an interesting thought but let me explain this. Today some african countries are starting to teach Mandarin, so how long will it take till we start changing our european, arab, and the small remaining african names for Cheng and Ying?

Did you know the first europeans to come to Africa were the portuguese? They landed in the Kingdom of Kongo (Today Angola, DRC, Gabon and Congo Brazza) and upon contact, the first thing the ruler of the Kingdom of Kongo, Nzinga a Nkuwu, did was to willingly convert to christianity and change his name to portuguese, João I of Kongo, (African christians dont have christian names, they have european name.) and initiated a major cultural initiative in 1485 which was meant to make The kingdom of Kongo more portuguese due to his interest in Portugal and its culture. His son, Nzinga Mbemba, baptized Afonso I of Kongo, continued his legacy by conversing all of the Kongo Kingdom into christianity and trying to make it culturally portuguese.

Does this make any sense to you? Because for me it doesn’t, so how can I start a conversation about how european people destroyed the minds of Africans? Remember that the above situation occured in 1485 and colonisation started take a hold in 1800s and the full colonisation state lasted for less than 100 years till we got our independence.

after changing the names, did Kongo remain with its culture/lifestyle or did it start changing and aping the Portuguese?
very soon we will change our names to Cheng and Yin and with that start doing what they are doing and believing everything they tell us.
for me i believe, colonizing the African mind was the most brilliant thing the whites did. not even physical colonization.
and we can see that even after 50+ years of independence.

The modern day Kingdom of Kongo is Angola, you can look it up yourself. While we other Africans atleast maintained out african family name, their names are fully portuguese like the president whos name is João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço . Someone told me to help the African mind, it will need to be colonised again but this time by Africans. Even leaders such as Mobutu Sese Seko tried that a bit which is why he changed his name.

Africans are accustomed to dire straits. Dictatorship or recolonization will straighten people up atleast thats what some villagers thoughts purported. Our fore fathers submitted to the white man,their kids saw it and grew up knowing its the norm,by third generation,it was a way of life even when told by muzungus that they will not amount to anything.We still buy white mans products because they are superior or trendy. Africans’ thinking capacity was diminished waaaay back.Now, the whole world is behind racism,africans as well,give it a month or so and it’ll fizzle out and we are back to bows and arrows chasing each other down kipsigis hills

For africans to be so tribalistic that one cant marry or buy goods from another tribe while being in the yoke of customs and tradition,it just fazes me to disbelief…do you honestly think the black african mind is ready to segue to conformities and civilization while keeping tradition? I think not…unless you expect the elites to change the game

We are so divided that the muzungus develop rockets and medicine while we are still arguing about who stole whose’s cattle,which tribe is good in bed or who are shinny eyed,so,for you to come and lecture,you might as well have come with a guitar for it’s a goat pen out here sir.

One man’s voice is,but a drop in the ocean of dispair,social injustice and all the complexities you put up there. Hence my asking,“tufanye nini sasa”. It was not a jab at you but to the situation. The bonobos were for good measure:D

@mbakuthesupreme nitakupiga @mishale halafu nilete @ndume akupige @kibarekwaface

yeah. i agree.
but our minds are sinking deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole and it might be impossible to help us.
maybe in another world

The problem of Africans or black people is the same everywhere whether they are born in europe away from their ancestral culture, america etc. I would say our biggest issue are the educated/brilliant minded africans. You are talking about africans not developing rockets, medicine etc but they are but they are doing that while working under jungus. In U.K and U.S nigerians hold over 20k doctors and engineers whom could be in Nigeria and helping the country instead. Our brilliant mind dont want to take the responsibility of developing Africa, look, in every country in europe, they brightest minds have managed to oust the stupid ones and put in systems to make sure that they never get power. The opposite is true in Africa, our brightest minds dont want to take the responsibility and leave the stupid ones in charge.

On the second paragraph of the first post,you aptly mentioned “inferiority complex”,this sheet right here is the bane of the black skin,weather in africa,whiteman’s countries or the bladi moon. We are not predisposed to mental change

Sijasoma. People bring up these type of “discussions” to appear like they have a clue. Swali ni rahisi, what are you actively doing to change the situtation?

Small things, that i can do. Whenever im together with african people i try to build within that community of african people. Like if i travel around europe in places such as France and U.K where they have big percentage of african descedent people i will only buy from them. There is alot you can do in your daily life and if everyone did it the change would be huge.

@mbakuthesupreme ,@Tom Bayeye na wana kijiji ii story ya IQ mi naona kama ni ukweli angalieni hii,
Clearly, we are now in the make-believe, feel-good world of calling any science that reveals the obvious differences between, specifically, the black and white races as “racist science”. Bunk.
We now know that all of humanity have between 1%and 5% neanderthal DNA, except for sub-Saharan Africans, who have none. Forensic scientists can identify the race of people from skeletal remains alone. Race is real and consequential.
Sub-Saharan Africans have shown clearly distinct deficiencies in abstract reasoning and mechanical aptitude, as well as a propensity for violence, emotional and irresponsible behavior. This is why, despite the vast amounts of money dumped into the bottomless pit of black assistance, education, housing, etc., they persist as the most violence prone, poverty stricken and academically challenged race on the planet. Thus, they are less a social asset than a costly liability in any civilized country they inhabit.
Hernnstein and Murray’s The Bell Curve did a very careful job of measuring IQ between races, and even corrected for socio-economic income, health and other factors. Black Their research was condemned by leftists with an agenda, and even used some scientific-sounding arguments to try to paint a picture of discreditation, but to no avail. The research stands and is sound

Even Afrcians who live in white countries for long tend to see themselves as superior to Afrcians in Africa

so we can agree we need to develop African system that revolves around strength and not intelligence?
just like we were before colonization or interaction with the outside world.

Ukweli.Facts man.NOI actually owns malls and banks. Back in the 70’s the org was estimated to control about $ 70 million.Lakini Malcolm X was a traitor bana that’s why they got him.He became an integrationist later in his life.