the verdict has been passed

Esteemed Elders, the PCI caught the suspect , the hearing has happened and he has been found guilty of eating a CHICK , a very promising King Tie chick .

all we are asking the village is the execution method


no other option .

execution date set by the governor is 20th march live on ktalk streaming services.


i endorse Guillotine, once a cat gets a taste for chicken it will eat all the chickens in the village.

in 1938 , colonialists hired my great grandfather to hunt down two lions that had eaten 20 bukusus in larger Bungoma specifically Mt Elgon .

He woke up early on a monday morning rifle in hand with two guides after he was given a downpayment of 50 pounds by the then governor sir Charles Duke of Highbury . he started from the Wanyonyi crater tracking the Lions movement,

@Yuletapeli ntaendelea kesho

4give the poor thing Mdauress…
But don’t 4get

All serial killers began by murderering their pet cats.

But those ones had not eaten chicks.

samehea bana. Kama mbaya just abandon the cat somewhere far from your home atleast ipate chance yaku ji tetea.

Drown it.

Kama huna pesa ya kununlia puci chakula sema. Hang yourself fist. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

That’s a juvenile delinquent. Under 18s don’t get the death penalty

Bao ya sporting ilikua swafii saidi

Samehea hako paka.

There’s only one pussy that a man can keep in the house. Unless otherwise, maybe your child ndio akuje na hio inaonekana hapo.

Samehea hako paka.

looking very cute and innocent

Hata huyo paka anashindwa amefanya nini, na alikuwa tu anajitafutia. Instead of killing the kitten, OP amchukue amuachilie mbali sana na nyumbani. I hate seeing cats suffering. Huwa my favorite pets. Kwa maisha yangu nime rescue tu kittens kadha :D:cool:

@LIEN aka @uwesmake has a history of killing pets. He once regaled us of how he, together with his deranged uncle, once decapitated a captive dog as others watched to create a deterrence.

Your great grand father was a home guard for the British.

Sisi descendants wa Mau Mau, ancestors wetu walikuwa wanaiisha na lions kama pets deep in Mt. Kenya forest.

Siku ya raid, walikuwa wanakuja na lions kwa illegal settlements ya wazungu. Colloborators like your great grandfather who were watchmen for the British were killed on sight.

Hivi ndio walikuwa wanakuja.


Drive very far away and leave it there.

sijui huyo Lien chief

Ingia Mkia