The US Dollar Will Collapse on 27 September 2016

I stumbled upon this video on youtube and I thought I should share it here. Its a lengthy video (nearly 40 minutes long) but the content is quite interesting and the guy narrating in the video has some solid points supporting his deduction. Coupled with the fact that another analyst, Peter Schiff, backs up his “theory”, I think it is something that the world should take seriously, not just the Americans.

Here is the link to this video;

A shorter video of Peter Schiff explaining this looming issue. (PS: I have no clue of Schiff’s background but given that he has had some good attention from the media (in the finance area) and has some books in the same field under his name, I guess that’s enough info to tell that he knows what he is talking about.)

But even after watching those two videos, I still have two queries about this nearing disaster. First, why do they tie all this to a specific date? Secondly, why, if its a big concern, isn’t it a big topic within the media across that country? And as you know, anything big in US will be big in the world. Anyway, am no finance expert (not even close) so I can’t really judge all this but if you got the time, I think you should take a look.

bunch of conspiracy theorists

Well, I actually don’t agree nor refute what these guys are pointing out. They do have good points but am not so sure about them. Anyway, given that you replied within a minute or so of me posting this, gives me the impression that you never even tried to see their argument(s). Honestly, they do have some serious points especially when the guy uses the British Sterling as a reference. Again, am no Finance wise guy so am not sure how true some of these things are but I do believe we shouldn’t be too quick to sweep them under the rug.

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I have been waiting for the bond crash that this type of people predicted will happen 2 years ago.
I guess if you say the world is ending everyday .One day you will be right.

`There are all sorts of alarmists in the US. If its not alien attacks, its about the eye of the devil on the dollar bill, or Area 51, Freemasons, spaceage wars, imploding capitalism, water being poisoned with flourine, Rich American Jews plotting against americans(As if there an an ethnic group called americans), Nuclear bombs lost about to explode, secret bunkers for billionaires since the end is near, survivalists, Astrologers, Gold currency advocates, some neo nazi politicians plotting to disarm them, and many other countless theories.
There is some truth in each, but too much pepper, salt and other spices. Most of the theories are part of money making schemes.

next utaskia ati Trump atatuma Russians wafukuze Blacks wote then US wainvade hiyo market share ya China bla bla bla,
My guess is that it’s just a theory not proven


Lord I hate people who stumble upon things and share them. Are they drunk?

umesahau it will be obamas fault:cool:conspiracy nuts