The Untouchable Judy Jepchirchir

Ms Judy Jepchirchir, the owner of First Choice Recruitment and Consultancy Agency, which is accused of allegedly collecting millions from Kenyans with promises of lucrative overseas jobs, has snubbed the Senate on Labour and Social Welfare committee 3 times .

And the committee appears helpless.

Parliamentary committees have the same powers as the High Court, which explains why even Cabinet secretaries, when reprimanded for skipping invitations, respond fast to avoid sanctions, including arrest.

Committee members and alleged victims claim she is enjoying the protection of powerful government figures.

Who is behind this woman?

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Kuna mgale mmoja alisema alikoniwa na Jepchirchir.Alienda kuuliza kwanini travel documents zake za kuenda Qatar haziko ready akaambiwa Ruto amesema akina nani watampigia kura kila mgale akitravel kabla elections.Hadi wa leo bado anakunywa chang’aa kule Konoin pale kwa mama Chebkas akingojea kusafiri.


Huyo alinimaliza bana. :green_emoji: :green_emoji: :green_emoji: Kwanza vile alikuwa kidnapped na kunyang’anywa simu na wasee alidhani ni polisi wakamuacha tu kwa baro!


How can the committee appear helpless? A parliamentary committe enjoys the privilege and rank of a high court so snubbing their summons attracts a jail term and or fine


which D- will arrest her?


None. But the committee need not appear helpless. Wanaweza nguruma and bare teeth.

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Most likely Judy is a front for some leader. Akina Mandago na Farug. If a normal person had done this scheme they would be in prison or 6 feet under.



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hii imeenda

Lazima hizo pesa zilifinance campaign. One thing about JSKS; he keeps the thieves around him but they have to give him a share of the loot.

Hii itakuwa ya wakubwa.

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Wagale wanagulana wenyewe gwa wenyewe very nice

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Tulisema hapa impunity eats its own so Ata wakale mpake lube you are going to need it