The Unstoppable WSR Ascent To The Presidency And RAILAs ROLE

RAO, in my books, is responsible for what will be RUTOs unchallenged ascent to the Presidency.

1. Kenya has no opposition!! RAO has single-handedly destroyed that. RAO clipped the wings of all who had the potential to fly higher than him. Good for him, he is the highest flying bird in the opposition skies. The bad thing is that he cannot fly any higher; and to beat WSR in 2022, he has to fly much higher!! So we are sure RAO cannot challenge WSR, and RAO has made sure no one else can!!

2. RAO Lacks MOIs Famed Girraffe Eyesight: I know that this will rub some the wrong way but I will show you that somewhere along the way, BABA lost his long neck. Take the NASA formation for instance. It was a very short-sighted project with only one agenda, MAKE BABA PRESIDENT. The moment that failed, it disintegrated because it had no long-term goals. JUBILEE, on the other hand, sees beyond the obvious. They start wooing communities long before the electioneering period.

This is why between 2013 and 2017, RAO lost nine counties to JUBILEE. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, nine of the counties BABA won in 2013, he lost to JUBILEE in 2017. All that while JUBILEE kept all counties it won in 2013…someone explain how RAILA was rigged out!!! In fact, JUBILEEs Parliamentary Seats win last elections is only matched by KANU; in pre-multiparty Kenya. The Dynamic duo was more dominative than RAINBOW COALITION back in 2002…na mtu aseme wameiba ng’eff ng’eff!!!

Come 2022, the opposition will be caught flat-footed.They are not making any new friends. To the contrary, BABA is spitting in the face of old friends. KISIIs will be fully JUBILATED by 2022 thanks to RAO. RAO also ignores the SOMALIs, na ni wengi kushinda hata WaKisii, while JUBILEE is focused on JUBILIZING nywele nyepesi.


1. Gideon Moi Will Divide The KALENJIN Vote in 2022: Let me start by saying that if we do not base future predictions on past and present happenings, we base them on wishful thinking. What does history show as far as the Gideon Ruto tog-of-war goes?

Before RUTO was DP, the KALES chose him over Gideon…remember 2013? Gideon did not join Ruto and Uhuru because he wanted to challenge RUTO for the KALE kingship. Gideon, however, kept away from RAILAs camp because he understood challenging RUTOs Presidential bid openly would cost him his seat. As a nobody, WSR was still more powerful than Gideon.

Before the last elections, when Gideon intimated that he would join NASA, he suffered such a backlash from the KALEs that he decided to show open support for the DP. As a DP WSR was still stronger than Gideon.

Now ladies and gentlemen, in what world do you think RUTO as a President in waiting can be challenged by Gideon???

2. The OPPOSITION Will Re-animate Like A Phoenix And Destroy RUTO: This one is my favorite. BABA is already seeking crumbs from UhuRuto because he knows how dead this dream is. People think Sultan will somehow breathe new life with his bid for the presidency…smh. JOHO was elected with a mere 200K votes. That is less than a third of the votes Kidero lost NAIROBI with!!! And that is whom you appeal to smh harder!!! As long as BABA leads the opposition, its challenge is dead on arrival.

FUN FACT: BABA would rather RUTO become president than see one of his opposition subordinates rule Kenya before he, RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA, does.

3. KIUKS Will Not Vote For Ruto: My question has always been, who will they vote for? People point to Peter Kenneth and I laugh and have a very pleasant day. DAGORETTI is richly KIUK nad SONKO thrashed PETER KENNETH for the JUBILEE Gubernatorial Ticket here where the KIUKS reside! Enough said.

When a KIUK rises to challenge WSRs ascent, then and only then will I discuss his or her potential to harm the ascent. As of now, it is hard to address what resides in the world of fantasy.

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Ruto will be president because of RAOs lacklustre draconian style of leadership. That sums it up perfectly.

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I bet the whispers from their bedroom sound something like, "hii inaingia wapi? "


FUN FACT: BABA would rather RUTO become president than see one of his opposition subordinates rule Kenya before he, RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA, does.

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In the military circle its called the Samson’s option.

If you cant defend yourself,take all the attackers with you. +

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  1. Opposition is still very much there. the hand shake is for specific reasons of which Uhuru might adhere to seeing as he got nothing to loose and so much to gain. 1st term has been marred with corruption and incompetency and he is looking to redeem his name and legacy. this is why he agreed to the reforms agenda. so we will wait and see how that goes.
  2. Ruto, mudavadi, kalonzo and wetangula were to shake hands on monday and sideline Raila. But Rao bet them to the game and Ruto had to accept and support as the contrary wasn’t favourable. they are trying to find the mole who leaked the plan to Baba. I suspect it was Muthama.
  3. cant engage you in vifaranga governors. nope never.
  4. Kidero lost ODM support back in 2014 and is not an odm contender, maybe sifuna. Joho got his deal back with uhunye. remember august elections were nullified based partly on mombasa result. rigging and stuff. and the bribe money that made sarais ass fat. so that 200k is questionable.
  5. Gideon fate am sorry to say is dependent on his fathers life. if he dies, gideons clout might rise. kenyans and pity party. lets wait and see.
  6. keter by-elections will speak volumes.

Nice stuff up there WSR is unstoppable

So what are you saying?

From this week events one thing is clear, RAT is heavily courting DP Uncle Ruto to directly place Winnie Odinga in some position in Jubilee even if its not his running mate. It also places him indirectly in the shadows of play. People aggregate around the strong not the weak. Wets, watermelon, madvd and gideon are weaklings and can master universal support even from their own homes.

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RAT in jubilee is going to stink up the whole place.There are party die-hards who deserve what Winnie odinga is being offered or even more.

Honestly,if the party leadership agree to this old man’s demands we are in for a rough ride.

Umeongea ukweli kapsaa…

No one is agreeing to anything now. The lineups and centres of influence will be confirmed in 2022. Right now its about the development agenda of the party. However people are free to build alliances which ultimately the people will vote to pass or against in the 2022 primaries. People are wiser now, DP Uncle Ruto knows this more than most and that’s why he coined RAT as a political conman. That said any dilly dally by RAT in his cozying up to government is really destroying opposition on a daily basis. This is why Jubilee is more than willing to let it continue and its 1st demand is that anyone who wants to be considered at running mate must be a party member. If they are not, then they must defect into the party and fight for that influence over the others which members will decide.

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