The United Republic of Tanzania is a democratic, secular and socialist state which adheres to multi-party democracy.

First of all, we need to know that the foundation of the Tanzanian Nation is Socialism. At the moment we have decided to have a policy to promote and develop socialism in all forms. The diplomacy we are going with now is economic diplomacy.

I fully support socialism.

Im from Tanzania…and actually,FUCK Socialism!

Everyone should be responsible for his own existence,and there is no such thing as a “society”…it is merely a group of individuals with quiet different interests

I hate Socialism with all my heart…and I hate Socialists…

Prove kama umetoka Tanzania. Show us your passport.

Nikuoneshe passport wewe nani hasa?

Am I crazy?

Ni prove my Tanzanianess to you wewe kama nani hasa?

Acha kujipa vyeo vya kipumbavu,unapita kwenye internet ukiwa umebeba marking scheme ya kuamua nani Mtanzania na nani si Mtanzania tukiripoti kwako wewe the highest priest!

What the audacity!

You should have added the rider …
“…For Now…” in your remark …

Every African country has its share of very bad elements…
That is the war that finished Dr. John Pombe Magufuli …

You are not yet out of the woods… :D:D