The unfair criticism of presidents in Kenya

Most of the citizens in Kenya are not learned. Kazi yao ni kupayuka tu and criticize yet they do not even know where to direct criticism. Often all the presidents get criticized for not fighting corruption but if you are an intelligent person you would know from 2010 Kenya became an institution led country.

Fighting corruption is not job description of the president. Its the work of EACC. And so is the prosecution of the corruption suspects whose work is DPP and conviction of the same whose work is Judiciary. People who should be directing their criticism to these bodies for not doing their work often direct criticism to president. In fact if these bodies are not working its parliament thats required to hold them accountable and not the president. And thats where the people not satisfied with their delivery should be presenting their dissatisfaction to parliament to have them removed from office and held accountable.

Instead it seems most of us have strong man mentality where we think the president controls everything and is our solution to everything whereas this is not the case as per 2010 constitution. And when the president goes against the law and act out of pressure and starts interfering with these institutions you hear noise all over that the president is becoming a dictator and is violating the law, the case point Uhuru rejection of the 6 judges.

We have to decide either we agree to be led by institutions as per our 2010 constitution and held them accountable for their roles both failures and successes or we amend the constitution and allow the president to determine which graft suspects should be jailed and executed and we all know the consequence of this. Otherwise all these noises ni ya upuzi tupu!

The back stops at the president. He can influence the courts if his cronies are involved yes it’s fair criticism of the presidency in Kenya. The leadership is in cohoots with looters.

Zakayo apologist… na bado hajashuka, atashuka. Totally uselwss thief, even the drunkard was miles ahead in wisdom or lack of it.

Uhuru aliwauliza mnataka afanye nini.

Saa hii ya jambasi sugu ndio umerealise those institutions exist