The Ultimate Solution to the Current Quagmire

Now that we are hoping for the worse if these selfish politicians have their way on matters bbi, all is not lost if this one thing can be done. Let the salary of MPs be slashed up to 100k. The so called wagebill will not be affected. Make this seat as unattractive as possible. We will have beaten politicians in their own game. Sarah Serem wa SRC ako wapi asaidie sisi!!!

Anytime she makes a move, they cause a fuss and threaten to abolish the SRC. Everytime.

Sarah is ambassador to China, last time I checked.

We don’t have a choice this time round. The kitchen cabinet made up of Uhuru, his mother, Jakuon, Murathe and other tumbocrats has decided hii kitu itapita…by hook or by crook.

Sio lazima. But in case they succeed in their evil plan, the above suggestion should hold

Mbimbiyai no 4 by January is possible and no 5 later on next year depending on the public reactions. One thing for sure is that President Uhuru isn’t exclusively listening to handcheque team on this anymore. Just look at its history

2018 - Breastfeed baba initiative starts. RAT has his own preferred copy already and his side make innuendo of the it severally with RAT at state house and Uhuru as Executive PM. They share power with President as head is state and commander in chief. PM as head of government. Both agree on a cabinet. Minister of defence and foreign affairs goes to President and others shared. RAT hopes to get backing from Kenyatta family with that executive PM post either for Uhuru or muhoho.

2019- The weekend before bbi no 1 is launched at Bomas, UhuRuto meet and changes to that proposed document is made. Here NIS submission is key to those changes. Executive PM is dropped for a junior PM who will be picked as the coalition leader in Parliament. Cabinet remains with Presidency. RAT is not happy but there is nothing he can do. At Bomas launch a lot of bad vibe is thrown at DP Uncle Ruto way for that witty move to get the changes done.

2020 - immediately after the launch and disappointment, handcheque team come up with idea to again return bbi to the original format in the guise of bbi rallies to seek public opinion. The idea is to do fake regional rallies then come up with submissions that people what their preferred original bbi format and relaunch it again. Well DP Uncle Ruto send Murkomen and Moses Kuria to represent his reservations and peoples concerns in each rally. That strategy works. Despite handcheque team using police to stop them from attending the rallies, they manage to force themselves on the stage, command the people and make the discussion centred on the people. State house takes note. Murkomen eventually wins peoples hearts and his speech is usually the last because once he leaves, the stadium is empty as the people do the same. Moses Kuria starts the slogan one people, one shilling and its a hit. Nakuru rally becomes the make and break of bbi, NIS advice’s against it being held. We are soon put under corona curfew and all public rallies halted. Bbi rallies dies, its intended purpose failed so the shift goes back to boardrooms. RAT knows his original format has been rejected again at State House so they endorse the current format and make a submission to bbi secretariat on the same. The bbi no 2 draft is done and signed. It has none of the sudden changes like police commission under CS, expanded executive, MPs etc. That was purely handcheque team last minute draft sneaked in. This version become the norm because finally President Uhuru said he will retire and not seek another elective post. So if muhoho wants PM then he has to run as Gatundu south MP and face Moses Kuria. That’s is why you see MK getting a lot of friction lately.

Bbi no 2 - immediately divides everyone even within themselves. At its launch at Bomas DP Uncle Ruto makes his opinion loud and courageously despite the hostile crowd. President Uhuru order NIS to give him a report on the same. It come back that only 19% will back it. A few hours one on one meeting with UhuRuto takes place and changes made on bbi again. Version no 3 is done and taken directly to government press. At KICC handcheque team launch signature drive but didn’t realize they also launched Bbi no 3. Government press delivers the new version 30 mins before the launch. RAT and handcheque team only realize the difference 2 hours after the launch.

Bbi 3 - the current version and most of the bad recommendations have been removed. DP Uncle Ruto has made it clear again his opinions on the further changes. No more nominated MPs in Parliament, Remove those and instead maybe have them as 47 women rep in senate. The only nominated MPs should be at most 20 to represent minority groups like the disabled, ogiek etc. In the end instead of 70 new MPs only 10-20 and that means the 1/3 rule is easier to achieve (47 women rep in Parliament, 47 women rep in senate) The church is also proposing its changes during its closed door meetings with President Uhuru. Civil society has gone full NO and will eventually be the last to force further changes.

2021 - Treasury will have a say on this expensive none important excise. By February if the current collection shortfalls continue then dip cuts on government spending will start. They have put all hopes on IMF giving the $2.3 billion budget support financing but as you heard President Uhuru mention this week that those talks are hard as their demands are many. It will not be a surprise if its postponed to 2022.

As long as President Uhuru listens to more diverse opinion on this then RAT can’t control bbi as his nyoka as he intended. gideon moi and muhoho have zero grassroots political skilss and get outsmarted easily. It doesn’t help that their mouthpieces are muraithe and atwoli. Handcheque team lost it the moment it was launched and its no longer a shadow opaque document. This November they formed groups in anticipation of bbi finding goodies. Well thanks to consensus and talks President Uhuru pulse strings have remained closed ruining a lot of handcheque team boom budgets.

Sijasoma huu upuzi. Wewe, Ruto, Raila, UhuRu - wish you the worst. Leave us alone