The Ultimate Rap Battle

Yo only get to listen to one for the rest of your life. Who do you choose?

If I’m listening to them for the rest of my life then I’d pick the one where I’d find new things on the lyrics everytime I re-listen

So Eminem

I no longer like this genre of music. It was my favourite in the 90s while in high school but nowadays I fall for relaxed slow tempo music.

Utoto. tahiri kijana

Poyoloko your fascination with penises will be the end of you one of these days

Kanye any day !!


He is always straight to the point

Jigga Man any day anytime

Kanye, that guy is good motivator, he can even make you to punch your boss

I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of the rap genre, but if I had to choose, it would be Eminem. He may not be as catchy with his rhymes and insightful lyrics as he used to be, but I like him and his music. I’m also glad that he’s been able to draw attention to himself again with the song Godzilla (you really should listen it). He even broke his previous record of words speed, which he set in a Rap God song. So Eminem can surprise and take the first positions even in his early 40s as well.
But to me, his earlier works used to be much better. He was working on his own style back then. He was crazy, jumping on stage with his famous white hair and singing about alcohol and violence. Now, on the contrary, he is trying to imitate more popular performers to the harm of his music and his unique style. So if you listen Em’s music, you listen to old albums with old songs that we loved so much.