The ultimate movie recommendation.

I highly recommend you guys watching this movie. Ni my favourite movie for this year so far. It’s a dark comedy-ish thriller
It’s called Parasite
I assure you you’ll love it.

Next watch Pulp Fiction. If you haven’t.

I already have

Safi. Nipe a strong recommendation nichangamkie weekend

Tafuta american psycho. Its an old school movie but ni noma.

Nimeona hio pia:D

Tafuta inglorious basterds


Wazi wadau

Thanks. Naitafuta leo

below average movie


Umeona no country for old men?


Pia hii movie iko fiti.

Enda uone
Top 60 best movies in metacritic

Asande. Hapa pia umenipea mahali pa kuangalia

@mgenje @Jehovah Wanyonyi you know how Josh Brolin landed this role? while he was shooting Grindhouse for Tarantino and Rodriguez, they made him an audition tape (Rodriguez shot and Tarantino directed) which he submitted to the Coen brothers and voila!!

Django Unchained
Path of Blood
The Favourite
Running With The Devil
Downton Abbey
Catch Me if You Can
Shawshank Redemption

two girls one cup full movie