The Uhuru Infrastructure vs Ruto to Infrastructure.

The difference will be where Ruto will Source for the Materials and labor, that’s what will have the multiplier effect on the economy.
If Uhuru had sourced Materials locally, vitu kama cement, steel and others, the impact of his projects would have been felt by the common mwanichi, Instead, that impact was felt in China, where we sourced for these Materials.

The sourcing was written into the contracts since zilikua loans za china.The Chinese even dictated the companies to work on those projects.

Cement and steel was local, dirisha zilikuwa za gikomba. [boma yangu housing]

Cement haikuwa local bana Savanna Cement was established for that after kumaliza projects wakauzia nywele ngumu vitu wenye walipata vitu kwa ground different

Uhuru affordable housing I mean

how old is savanna cement?


Savanna Cement = Kibaki.

Heheh I swear ni kama huyo msee alimaliza shule primary school