The Ugandan cop that was killed was anti-establishment



Noma msee!

Someone people may be right but this one was suicidal, you cannot challenge the hand that feeds you while in uniform.

@Purple 'the hand that feeds you…"

Kwa hivo ikubalike Tu, the guy was assassinated on orders from the president, right?

Angalia hio clip hapo juu ,a uniformed officer is not supposed to poke holes into his government ,angewacha job afanye kazi ya human rights.

A sad day when a lawkeeper becomes an activist/anarchist. he ceases to be an asset and becomes a liability.

Alianza kujiona mjanja akamaliziwa. What happened to staying humble and attacking only attacking when there’s a nice chance.

It is like challenging your own father in HIS own house, you’ll definitely get kicked out.

Is just nuance but that cop’s speech and mannerisms hint to boderline mental instability.

megalomania…you see the way he’s pulling rank on a constable as if the insignia he wears are not enough.

And some two idiots said they were eye witnesses in front of Museveni, he told the two fellows to come into his car. Two guesses how the story of the witnesses will end…

Felix Kaweesi Uganda’s police spokesperson and M7 son in law was also executed some time back.

Link ?