The U.S has been accused of WASTING trillions of dollars on the Military-industrial complex BUT isn't new power CHINA doing the exact same thing???

They say what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

You will see bonobos here who hate the U.S especially one mkuki, berating us on how the U.S “WASTES” good money on a new fighter jet program … but when it comes to China it’s not “wasting” or rather wastage of resources but DEVELOPMENT.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

China is “developing” they are not “wasting” money on useless programmes.

Mind you China is still very much a 3rd world nation with many towns and villages lacking good roads, water, sanitation,stima etc but they are spending billions on these weapons plus going to space sijui Mars :


They are developing and not wasting money like the U.S. :rolleyes:
Click to Enlarge. The new dry dock on Hainan in the South China Sea is only just large enough for the Type-003 aircraft carrier. This suggests that future carriers will be the same size.

[SIZE=7]China’s Massive New Aircraft Carrier Is As Big As It Can Be[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]Aircraft carriers are at the vanguard of China’s incredible naval expansion A new, larger super-carrier is being built near Shanghai. Analysis of radar satellite imagery shows that it is as large as China’s new bases allow.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6] [/SIZE]

Nonsense. The US still spends more on its military than all other top 10 global spenders combined, which is super wasteful. Besides, if you consider dollars spent per capita, China still has a long way to go to catch up with, let alone surpass, the US.

Wewe mtu wa 9k salo unataka kuita military budget ya China ya $253 billion per year peanuts? :smiley:

Can you get serious sometimes. Ukapewa $253 billion unaeza nunua hollywood mzima, all studios wacha hio stall yako ya mamovie.

Na hio $253 billion ni guesswork ya CIA hawajui full amount. Tukikuja U.S hata boeing is counted as part of the U.S army because they do a lot of projects for the military.

If the U.S army corps of engineers is building a new road or dam, their salaries are counted as military spending. But it is a road to be used by citizens.

I seriously believe those niggas ain’t wasteful. That money is spent on R&D so they can pull a Hiroshima on the Ching Chong should shit hit the fan. Ama niaje @Petco ?

Comprehension inakaa ni shida. Of course $253 billion is a lot of money, lakini compared to what the US spends, bado ni pesa kidogo, sanasana if you consider China’s population of 1.4 billion vs the US’s 300 million. If China was to match America’s per capita military spending, they’d have to dedicate over $3trillion annually. Do you realize how crazy that is? Alafu why does the US need over 700 military bases around the world? Wastefulness on anaa level.

Na kwani military spending inafanywa per capita???

You spend according to your needs and what you can afford.

Na tena the U.S Gdp of over $20 trillion allows them to spend over $700 billion on the military.

And one factor all of you ignore is that U.S army is very diverse. It is not an army but a small country. The U.S army has universities, it’s own cities and towns, malls, they even maintain their own roads. They have their own police forces, judiciary, hospitals etc.

And yes they do generate lots of profits. Its not like KDF which doesn’t sell anything. The U.S military is an economy unto itself.

What you are seeing is the 700 billion to 1 trillion budget but you don’t talk of the [SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]REVENUE![/SIZE]

The U.S military even do mining and oil drilling. How much do you think they make???

They sell shoes, guns, clothing, flags, toys, food etc etc.

NASA an arm of the U.S airforce for instance sells all manner of patents, how much do they really make???

Si ata China basi is spending according to their needs and what they can afford? Ala!

You see your point was that the Chinese dont WASTE but can you even tell us what the $253 billion is spent on?

$253 billion is not peanuts buana. That is 5 times France’s military budget .

The problem with China is that we don’t know anything about their spending habits. Maybe a shit load of the money ends up in the general’s and military official’s pockets who then stash it abroad.

With the Americans you can see where the money is going. And of course they do have corruption cases, embezzlement etc and those cases are often reported. With China or Kenya you don’t know anything that goes on behind the barrack walls.

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Long live China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Russia. They keep Great Satan in check

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