The tyranny of numbers and those uncomfortable truths


Things are getting tough for UDA that bloggers like @mlipuamkundu have to result to posting twitter threads from nobodies when they used to post huge rallies and major defections :smiley:

Raila kîhîî will never be president. We can’t be ruled by people who have not been circumcised.

Hatutaongozwa na huyo Mzee kîhîî

Ruto’s campaign isn’t doing well at the moment. He’s facing too much rebellion.

Muthamaki ashaamua he’s the next president. We are not going to be ruled by that looto guy…

If they openly rig, war will erupt, Raila and Ruto will do a handshake, Ûhuru will be the ultimate loser

The age of post election violence is well beyond us. I dont see if there is any other politician capable of wielding loyalty and mass support as Raila. Once he exists the political scene, PEV is done and dusted. Ruto can be rigged by nobodies and he wont do shit

War between who and who? Kalenjins and Kikuyus? N**ga you crazy.

Don’t celebrate yet. Sometimes people are even stronger when they seem to be at their weakest. Don’t you underestimate Ruto’s influence. Those in Kenya Kwanza, akina Kabogos and Kurias, those who formed briefcase parties, they sided with Kenya Kwanza not by accident or by any chance. They did so after “listening to the ground” and realising that Uhuru and Raila have no chance, not just in Central Kenya but also in the whole country.

And don’t forget the now missing daily insider updates from our own @spear with some fake photoshopped images… :smiley:

Things are tough! Tyranny of numbers was never a thing even. :rolleyes:

Hapo jimit umenoa…VIOLENCE ni a result of bottled tension and frustration. System not working. Unmet expectations za flowery manifesto…it can happen anywhere anytime…hio 2007/8 the media, electoral commision na the major players midwifed the shit storm.

Every electoral agency would love a landslide with a clear outright winner…even better when the number 2 contestant eats humble pie and concedes…kwa the 2 horses before you does anyone of them have an appetite for humble pies? Do you forsee a landslide?

Whats the state of hope/hoplessnes in the country?



Wadau 55 days now i think…55 days.


Hii kwanza itakua rigged mchana peupe na hakuna kitu mtado. Violence against who. The person who called people to the streets in 2007 will be the next president and Looto can only sway his Kaleos. Akijaribu hiyo violence tunapeleka yeye Hague na tunapatia Bensouda full evidence will all necessary translations…

The details become even more interesting when you go county to county. Lastly check constituency to constituency. The shocks after August 9 will mean folks here will change handles very fast.

That’s your perspective. Alternatively; one can argue they joined Kenya kwanza simply because they were not given the attention they thought they deserved and were entitled to. Which is the accurate reason as matter of fact. These are guys driven n motivated by self interest and political survival more than anything. Kenya kwanza was happy to accommodate them; then Itumbi @spear used it to make a narrative of things falling apart on the other side and try to creat a perception that the ground had spoken (for fuksakes) and they were simply following the will of the people. Which is really some straight up bullshit …


If politicians are driven primarily by political survival why would they join Kenya kwanza if the people are in Azimio?

You don’t believe some of these stupid propaganda, do you? Babu owino ni kiongozi bora kweli? Joho? Junet? These are the guys who will be controlling Raila Odinga. Na usisahau the overly overbearing and bossy family members led by Ida odinga!

ni kubaya babu…sijui shimo gani utakalo ingia mwezi wa nane baada ya Baba kuapishwa. Kwenu ni wapi? tunaweza himiza wakaazi wa huko kwenu wakate miti pia kama tunavyo wahimiza wakaazi wa Sugoi.

Rudi kitandani mzee uote ndoto nyingine. Vita itazuka baina ya nani na nani?