The two areas where blacks are respected

  1. Sports

  2. Music. And not stupid hiphop meffi. No, blacks are only respected in jazz and blues. Listen to this world class melody and cleanse your ears from hip-hop chieth

Bonobo it doesn’t matter if you dislike hiphop/rap.Blacks created it and they’ve dominated ever since and it’s one most popular genres in the world.Blacks have earned their respect in that regard.

This must be NO


And rnb too

There are only four common notes in Jazz, if you have heard one jazz player, you’ve heard them all

Lakini inajulikana hawana kitu kwa akili

Hiyo nayo sports ni slamdunk hakuna competition we ruun tge roost.

You have to be gifted to make poetry that brings joy to people across the world for decades. Imagine how dreary those western cities would be without black music. Hip hop, jazz, blues, rhumba, zouk, kwaito, rock. Blacks rule. Period

Incidentally i was listening to capital fm while reading your comment na this jam was playing

Good cooks too, from slavery days. I’ve been to several conferences in N’Orleans, meehhhnn I still remember the amazing food and live jazz performances. It was always on Mardi Gras weekend, oh the parades, I miss them. But you can’t venture too far out of the commercial district coz it gets pretty sketchy. There was this appetizer which keeps recurring in my dreams, it was made of warm peaches/bleu cheese/bacon/goeey stuff. Tamu sana.

Black Southern cuisine is amazing.


  1. bbc

I remember listening to ‘today was a good day’ for the very first time in the late 90s after joining highschool…it gave me chills…still love it. I love almost all genres of music be it from different kenyan communities, different african regions or different countries in the world. The only exception is Asian and Arabic music, i struggle with those

Vile ulienda Mardi Gras, pia wewe ulishow teerries halafu ma bwoy wakakutupia necklace, ama what happens in Mardi Gras is best left there? :D:D:D:D

Hahahaaa…acha ninyamaze tu. :smiley:


African Americans created rock and roll… then the white man took it

Anything that isn’t brain intensive we are good.

Don’t forget gospel music. Out of this world. I don’t follow Church but I can listen to that music all day. The soulfulness is like no other.

Low IQ detected.

Jazz, Rock and Rap are all forms of degeneracy

Hip-hop and rap music is just gangster art and it just amplifies the chaotic nature of the negroes