The truth

Uhuru Raila Ruto Kalonzo Mudavadi and others are the greatest threat to Kenya’s future. All these guys are supporting BBI the most useless political tool which won’t assist Kenya in anyway. The president has even forgotten his development agenda if there was even one at all, He is now busy singing and dancing to the tune of BBI. The saddest thing is that most of Kenyans even those in ktalk will vote this useless thing in a useless Referendum meant to siphon money to satisfy selfish ends and the worst part it is that one of these incompetent fellows will become the president of this republic in 2022. What meaningful change can we expect from this low IQ and confused caliber of leaders. I just pity the Kenyan society. They really need a brain transplants at this point of time if they are to escape the tough times coming ahead

:D:D:D we pia umekubali low IQ hypothesis??:Dwueh katambe kwa comments sexion

I haven’t said anything about low IQ. I have just said how Kenyans have been blinded to see the genesis of their problems

Sentimentality peleka mbali tulisurvive for thousands of years without mzungu technology and gay shenanigans sasa wewe ati you pity the Kenyan society…coomer ya ndovu wewe. Nigger.

I pity the kenyan society as it is now… Cause it is being duped into following useless stuff instead of addressing its real challenges. That doesn’t mean… I hate the kenyan society in place of other societies. I am speaking honestly to my country. Matusi sasa ya nini bro. Just argue your point. Why argue kwa kutumia Matusi

Unakamingi hapa ivi na high mindedness nyingine ya ujinga…hiyo brainpower tumia kuchapa biz…ktalk crowd wanajuanga hzi maneno that’s why they spend their time on the sex and relationships section…Otherwise hizi stress zako utapata cancer.

Let me worry about myself… You worry sbout yourself. I think that is a good deal. And if you are not interested at all in what i have said you can just bypass it without commenting or reading. No one is forcing you to…

Keeping Kenyans busy

Kenya is falling, and cannot rise again before it first crashes hard to the ground. Sa ii hamfeel kitu juu tuko kwa hewa tunashuka, very soon mtaelewa

Ashukaye hupanda.Sisi mbirrioneas hatujali tukona vulture fund tunategea mfike ground tuchunishe ghaseer sukuma.

Nchi ya washenzi. Mimi nahama

Wakati Pungunza mizigo was brought mbona haukuongea