The Truth

Is that Uhuru is not going home after 2022. He wants to serve as the president under a new constitution.
Raila will be his prime minister. Any elder thinking otherwise is not intelligent, and should be ignored. Vitu zengine ni obvious.

Shida Uhuru and Raila will have a very hard time, because our proud youth, led by the indefatigable Arror, resolving what to do and doing what they resolve, will not allow boring old farts, parasitic cartels and dynasties enslave them.

Siasa ya Kenya itakufanya upate kihara aisee.

Today, I heard an Mp say that BBI is like a polio vaccine dose to a child. Utake, usitake, ulie, urushe mateke, bado utapanuliwa mdomo upewe. So hii kitu inago through.

hii kitu ilipitishwa na handshake, the rest is just political theatre…

Yes, na uhuru atatomba wakenya hadi waulize mbona hawakutumia chance 2022 kumtoa kwa power

why does Uhuru talk bitterly to his own people? Are they a baggage to him? Doesn’t he respect them?