The truth that the bonobo zinjathropus in Seatle will never see..


low IQ viewers wa fox hawatafurahia hii post:D:D:D


Mmoja amewika kama jogoo present!!!

I do not understand your attraction toward this idiot…

Low IQ bonobos include @Abba @Kahuni Maisha

Let’s not get comfortable around each other kwa kiswahili ni tusizoeane

This is the exact type of fake rubbish circulating in the internet that is driving me towards subscription-based news outlets like Standard Digital and Nation Media. Twitter and internet news is like 95% fake.

I suspect that post was created by a KTalker. Terms like “low IQ this or that” I have only seen being used here. Anyway I have checked the net for the original quote na hakuna. Fake news tu.

Alafu huyo mse alitengeneza hio meme anasema “if you want real news then go to CNN” the opposite side of the same fake news coin :D:D:D

Kachumvi kidogo kwa food sio mbaya. Fox fcuked up ,ikubalike tu[ATTACH=full]361503[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]361504[/ATTACH]

word !!!