I have read with much horror the grotesque representation of the achievements in the construction of the SGR, and the claims that the costs incurred are justified by one, okwonko. NOTHING CAN BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH SHALL ALWAYS SET US FREE. HERE IS A BRIEF BREAKDOWN OF THE COMPARISON BETWEEN THE KENYAN vs ETHOPIAN SGR. I need someone to explain to me why Kenya paid more for less when compared to the Ethopian project! Here are the FACTS… NOW Be the judge!

  1. The Ethiopia-Djibouti railway is fully electrified while Kenya Railway runs on fossil fuels.

  2. Ethiopian Railway covers 750KM while Kenyan one covers only 485km.

  3. Ethiopian railway cost $3.4Billion (KSh 3.5 trillion or KSh4.6billion per kilometer) and runs for 750Km while the Kenyan one cost $3.6billion (KSh3.7 trillion or Sh7.6billion per kilometer) and covers only 485km.

  4. Ethiopia railway operates at a speed of 160km/hour while the Kenya’s railway runs at a maximum of 120km/hour.

  5. Ethiopian railway has a double track covering 115Km from Sabeta to Adama while Kenya’s railway is a single track all the way from Mombasa to Nairobi.

  6. If the Ethiopian railway wasn’t electrified the Ethiopians would have built 2,300km at the same cost while if Kenya’s railway was electrified Kenyans would have only done 102Km at the same cost.

  7. Both projects were financed by China’s Exim bank at 70% for Ethiopia and 90% for Kenya.

  8. Both projects were done by the same Chinese companies.

  9. The Kenya railway will be run by Chinese for 10 years to enable Kenyans operate the new rail system while the Ethiopian one will be run by the same Chinese for only five years (Ethiopians, the descendants of King Solomon of the Bible, are known to be fast learners).

  10. The Ethiopian railway was built through a very difficult and treacherous mountainous terrain while the Kenya railway mainly runs through flat grassland savanna.

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