The truth about the democrats

50 years ago the democrat party was the working man’s party but the democrat party of today is only interested in cultural marxism. Kwanza those leftists like AOC and that zoomali are the four horsemen of the apocalypse that will bring about the destruction of western civilisation with the promotion of LGBT lifestyles. Widespread transgenderism will be the tipping point off the precipice - you can’t twist the nature of reality without having it snap back at you.

Communists end game was meant to be the world wide dictatorship of the proletariat where the common mwananchi were justified in doing anything to achieve a worldwide revolution to own the means of production but all attempts at communism have always resulted in the ruling central party officials owning and controlling everything. This is exactly what the dems are trying to achieve by bringing about the NWO using the COVID pandemic.

Good job. Now go use bathroom


Sweet sweet MAGA tears. You have 4 years of crying to look forward to :smiley: