The truth about software development in Kenya

WordPress developers are not software developers
Most PHP devs are low-tier developers
Most React/express devs are low tier developers
Most mySQL database devs are low-tier developers
Most VueJs developers are shitty devs

Nyinyi watu mnajiita devs na mnatumia sijui Wix na SquareSpace na wordpress, you guys are not devs. Stop calling yourselves software engineers.

Alafu those guys who do a React project (using JavaScript) without any real functionalities, no development work hapo.

Kama hujamake website from a figma design to a fully working application, you are not a front-end developer. Wewe ni an IT specialist.

Nimeona post ya a software developer alafu napata site ni ya wordpress. Then mko hapo mkisifu tech journey yake.

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Tuko na chatgpt, inaandika code


Shenzi ingine ni wewe

si bora site ifanye.

What’s the ideal language for Android Apps?

Any web technology in 2023 is good by doing a progressive web app.
Then utakua na one codebase for multiple platforms

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Mijinga, si nakuambia Chatgpt inaandika code we don’t need no useless people

Kotlin of course

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Sawa mukubwa. Unataka watu watumie Nini ndio wapewe heshima zao?

Nimeona devs wengi kama wewe in my lifetime. Kazi ni kugatekeep lakini tukiona projects zako zimebeat na ata hazitengenezi pesa. Yet watu kama PesaPal wametengeneza products ziko na demand using Joomla and they make hundreds of millions of shillings. Jinga hii


Mbona xvideos haina app

Webshitter gatekeeping the term ‘software developer’

Oh I’m laffin’.


Hii nairobi bana, nilienda pale TRM nikapatia jamaa some pics atumie kutengeneza logo. jamaa akaingia free website ya logos… The final logo did not have anything from the pics i gave him, akanipea 2-3 lame reasons

my bro wordpress is a CMS where’s figma is a design tool completely different things

React and Vue are JavaScript Libraries and frameworks

my bro calls php and MySQL devs low tier
and then proceeds to talk about figma and front end :joy:

am done


I also get very confused with these terms mara flask, flutter, django, React, Vue, my goodness.

Are the above libraries or languages?

Hii comment yako ni low tier shit. Go read my comment and understand
Then, React is a library and Vue is a framework.

Any real developer will agree with me when I say front-end is harder than backend.

React is a library while Vue is a framework
Flask is a library while Django is a framework

Think of it like a framework is batteries included. Library ni bare bones


Kijana, I have contributed to React’s core library hapo Git. I have published 9 npm packages, my mpesa node library having 200 weekly downloads. Nikona experience backing up my bold claims
Pesapal USED joomla in the past. They now use nextjs, angular, vue for fronted and express, nestjs and Go for the backend.

Infact the best Angular developer in Kenya works there. I personally know him.


Take the Redpill of Kenyan Tech space. Wengi ni wajuaji na kuongea mob.