The truth about senior bachelors

Older bachelor men are not the rich, independent player that redpill stereotype them as. Most successful men do get married. It is actually the more unsuccessful ones that tend to remain bachelors. Rich people are more likely to be married than poor people.

Not saying it’s right or wrong, but iriz waririz

Kula shida zako pole pole buda

Majority of the rich made their fortune while in marriage. Ni “kasoro” tu inaweza fanya mwanaume asioe kama ako age ya kuoa. Its against nature to be a senior bachelor.

Kama kuoa ni taaamu hivi, mbona huwa mnashinda mki-make hizi statements zinasound kama blackmail? Kwani hatuna macho tujionee advantages za marriage? Hatuingii planteshen buana, nazidi kukataa mheshimiwa.

mbona wewe kama employer unakubali kuibiwa na mfanyikazi, lakini kama husband wasema huwezi kubali wife afurahie pesa zako? business partners wenu wanafanya deals za kichini chini hamna shida na io, lakini kunguru zenye mnafuga zikifanya deals zengine kando ya ndoa, inakuwa vita? wanaume wanakula pesa yetu kwa club, lakini kunguru zikikula the same amount inakuwa shida, mbona?

are you looking validation in ur marriage (senior bachelor talking)

There’s a clear distinction between a worker or friend and a wife. Mtu atakuwa analala kando yangu for the rest of my life haifai aniibie, coz anaeza hata niua. Employee naeza fukuza, I can drop friends. So kama bibi anabehave the same, what’s the point of marriage?

  1. Kila nyani na starehe zake.

  2. Kama marriage ingekuwa mzuri venye unasifu, hatungekuwa na a high number of threads we are seeing in this forum kuhusu shida za ndoa

Redundant post.

Married people watuache in peace

Generalizations don’t cut it.

A senior bachelor in a duplex in Kile is certainly doing better than a married man with 5 kids in Kibera.

A married man in a Kyuna mansion with kids in international schools is certainly better off than a senior bachelor in Githurai.

In my opinion, this issue is highly individualized and can only be examined on a case by case basis.

There are lots of poor men on both sides of the equation.

You didn’t have to write alot Kama mama… ungesema tu ‘upuss’ like all men do

Upuss comment from you

Peasant @MikeOck kula shida peke yako. Why does this issue of senior bachelor keep disturbing you?

A man’s preoccupation with another’s man’s marital status is a bit strange and goofy to me. Everyone here can sniff a tinge of jelousy in your post, directed towards bachelors. Married guys hate men who aren’t tethered or weighed down by women. They loathe to see a free man enjoying his life unlike theirs with their cheating wives. Real married guys will advice you against shacking up. You loose.

This statement is actually very stupid!

Hapa talkers wako mgtow until further notice. Majority are yet to overcome the pain they went through baada ya kukuliwa kunguru…na kupotezewa time…wakisuka ghaseer…give them time to heal…majority decided to put matters of the heart on the back burner to grow their businesses and career wise. Kila mtu na pace yake…

…we don’t hate those who are not married…most of my friends ni watu wako mgtow…I introduced them to coach red pill and some books after realising they were being taken for a ride by daughters of Jezebel…

Long live the institution of marriage.

Mike Ochi tulia