The truth about Ryan Dean the bio mother of the 2 missing boys in Cal City

As a femanazi I hate it when a woman is an irresponsible mother, if you don’t want to care for kids then don’t have them.

This woman’s boyfriend broke her first borns femur I think that is the thigh born. Or his leg got broken while he was with the mother’s bf. CPS told the lady that the bf should never be with her baby who was months old when the incident happened but she kept bringing him around until her child was taken away by CPS. Baby number 2 was born with bad lungs bcz she was smoking weed while pg, future drug tests by CPS show she still uses weed. In one interview she said that she was not a bad mother. You be the judge. She has also been lying that one of boys is deaf and started a go fund me, probably using the money for weed. She has since gotten a weed card to prove she uses weed for medical purposes. @Finest wine

This country never ceases to amaze. Too much crime. What worries me is they don’t seem to understand their actions. They have no moral authority to lecture the rest of the world on anything.

It’s a scary place to raise kids. Too much trafficking. Even adults are kidnapped all the time by these trafficking rings.

Half the folk should be sterilized by force. Not suitable to procreate. Then deal with the gun ownership culture. Else…

Did you see the one of a little white girl adopted by black family then they beat her to death? Black families are the worst. And this woman was a grade 3 teacher? So scary.

Naaah I really don’t watch these soul destroying crimes, they would break my spirit. Hata huku hatuwaoni on our Prime time TV channels. They are lunatics. Europe is different and am not praising them but…
I repeat Biden needs to have those adoption/fostering situations looked at. V seriously.

I saw last night that it’s been 10 years since 3 boys from one family went missing. It’s barely been 2 months since those black boys went missing and everyone is cagey, it could be 10 years. It’s driving me crazy, like FBI find them already. When cupcake was killed it was less than a week before they found her body but it was jarring for everyone. Her funeral was so beautiful unlike the circumstances of her death, people love kids, the number of volunteers when a child goes missing is mind blowing. I love the sense of community.

I don’t watch such stuff. I can’t. Right now my young Polish single mum neighbour is ‘hosting’ baby daddy for like the last 5 days so far, pandemic manenos. I can tell the little one is so happy to see Daddy as he shouts so loudly and they play games. When she has other men around, he cries all the time. She is only 25, super fit, pretty and not dumb at all so she knows what she is doing to her son. We don’t always feel sorry for these folk coz one day my neighbour will host a man who will murder her cute pointy son. I hope to be far away coz I adore him. He plays with my kids on the balcony as he identifies with the skin colour.
Let me mention that each time I bump into them at the local grocery store, she is always the one paying so I make my own conclusions.

If your leave your child unattended always expect the worst. This is not Kenya where your neighbour is your keeper too. So wacha Americans wapelekane in their stupidity. Hata wewe as a woman jiweke in some dangerous situation…you will disappear.