The Truth About Jahofa Witnessing


Wow. Well put

Hawa wasee huwa annoying

That reply is so spot on and brutally honest! It reminds me of a documentary I watched about the persecution of Christians. Turns out that Christians, right from their primeval times upto now, are generally one very cunning group of people. They will present themselves as the oppressed and helpless while in reality they are not at all in any distress. They are in absolute control of situations and destiny. Christians deliberately break laws so that they may get into loggerheads with the powers that be. Christians have always insulted and badmouthed drinkers of alcohol and all the other people who live what them Christians have classified as improper way of living. Christians attack and condemn other people’s gods while they are well aware that it’s offensive and it leads to retributive confrontations with the offended. But those retributions are what Christians are looking for so that they may cry PERSECUTION. Christians are evil!

I argued with them like a chokosh :D:D:D:D I asked them what if Africans were the superior race with that technology wouldn’t the Europeans not be pouring libations and dancing our Voodoo dances ? They used bible verses eti the word must spread throughout the world .I gave them ancient powerful religions which apparently also spread accross the world that the height of those Kingdoms like Egyptians and Greece gods yet they sunk with time as those Kingdoms fell , I asked if today’s civilization fell would Christianity endure and the way young homosexuals born like @Weyn will jump ship like whores ? They left having shaken their legs on my door as the good book prescribed. Here I am ploughing and merry as usual


Jana nimekanya mtu Hawa watu ni swara hakuniskia. Masaibu anapitia saa hii. @Yuletapeli can attest and yet he warned people na hamuskii. HAWA WATU NI SWARA.Neno Sio swara, ila wanaolisambaza:D:D