The truth about A$AP Rocky

Boyfriend wa Rihanna, the usual witchcraft activities, I don’t even know what he sings that’s why I thought he was the other no good demon Travis scott. With their matuta its hard to tell them apart. The rise to fame isn’t a walk in the park especially when you are black. You must sell your soul literally like wakina Lil Nas and Chimano and Bien, Diana, Bahati and Will possessed. Who have now thrown Jesus away to chase that paper. Hii maisha ni fupi sana. And it’s even shorter when you mess around with the devil to gain fame or notoriety. That’s why most of these people die young. So here is the truth about asap rocky and please Mchawi wa kisii don’t shoot the messager, I don’t know this POS from a can of paint.

American celebs wako kwa hii mambo.
Hii ushetani inaitwa spirit cooking. The woman at the center is spiritual leader. The one on the left ni lady gaga.

Can’t be rich and famous in this world without people accusing you of doing Disney villain shit.

Wah? Wtf are they doing?

Wanaita spirit cooking.

Go listen to the guy who had a concert where people were paying 400 dollars is when you will know Satan is real if 70k people can go to listen to that trash auto tunes.