The True Purpose of Women

In the struggle for survival it is the males that are the participants while the females are nothing but prizes to the winners. Their only purpose is to award themselves to the winners. This explains why a woman is willing to date and get pregnant for a married guy who has already lived his life, or celebrities who have numerous baby mammas. According to a woman’s logic for a man to get her he must have acquired resources, proved his attractiveness by being married with kids or having baby mamas all over the city, proved to be healthy by having lived to a certain age e.g 35 and over. Such a man is seen as a winner by a woman and she therefore fulfills her role by throwing herself at him as a prize; her future means nothing. She has no agency. You know someone is married with several MWKs yet you go ahead and get pregnant for him whilst rejecting suitors you can build a future with. It shows that you’re well-being and the well-being of your offspring means nothing to you. It’s all about the well-being of the male winners.

That’s women for you. They don’t think rationally and when they do, it is after the damage has been done. As a man, you better focus on being the winner and spread your seed far and wide like Genghis Khan.

Its nature…

Exactly my thoughts, at the end of it all we are all animals with animal instincts. we have survived like this through evolution and unless some serious social engineering is done, this will go on.

Same with polygamy, men are biologically polygamous, the ones who are not are the exception, many others are just restrained by the society

Mimi hebu mtu anieleze hapa…
I do understand that women get married to be taken care of, but does it mean that she is supposed to offload each an every expense on the man yet she has been working even before they met. When we provide everthing,wanawake hupeleka wapi pesa yao??

uliza @Purple. She is wiling to import a younger man from Kenya, throw him deep into the concrete jungle of Manhattan not caring at all whether he’s an immigrant.The young man shall have hordes of suitors, but his deek should not accidentally slide into a wet and inviting vagina.
Aaaaand of course her money she has made is hers and hers alone. The clueless immigrant should find a way of providing for them both since ostensibly her father warned her of leeches.
That’s women for you but when they lack husbands, they flock husband searching seminar organized by Nigerian con artists masquerading as Pastors

If that nigga is not as rich as @Purple ,which is highly likely, he will use her to make a future for himself in America. That future does not necessarily include her, though I hope and pray it does. Poor girl. It is a risk she has to take. Keep in mind that he is younger than her and you will see the probability of this happening to be very high.

that’s women for you.
difficult to understand. Heard the only good one is your mother but only because she gave birth to you. Ask your dad and you will get to hear crazy stuff

Write your reply…Happy women’s day

such women as selfish mbiches. those are the women when you loose your job wanakuhepa. A woman should have some financial responsibilitIies in a relationship.

That’s women for you son. Soldier on.

C. Nyakundi amefungua Ktalk chapter.

The true purpose of women is to give birth. It is man’s responsibility to spread his seed/ spread the risk to as many women as possible. That way if one woman produces dunderheads at least there’s a plan b…
Unless of course they all produce dunderheads meaning you are the problem …

mara nyingi unless she’s the brainless type to keep buying shoes a la imelda marcos they save it as a safety net for their offspring. it is the mother squirrel instinct.

:D:D:DYou’re hilarious…

So women who can’t give birth due to reproductive defects or delayed childbearing until menopause have no reason to live? Wharristhis?
Anyway, childbirth is so repulsive by nature but as a woman, an African one at that, it’s an experience that’s very hard to pass up. Unless you go the surrogate way. Kuzaa ni lazima…sigh!

@MaryJane @Nefertities itabidii muzae hata kama ni kuni

Huyu ni mchokozi kiasi but has a kind soul. Sasa anasema nini:)ukipata bwana bieed, ukikosa bieed…

Umenitupa sana sijui uliangukia kamzungu kamzee mnakura penshon porepore

I want us to go cellular . Why does a man have billion cells per ejaculate while women have one cell per cycle in a month?

To understand basics of life you have to go cellular. All the secrets of life lies there at “cellular level”. Men are made to multiply in mass. Ahsanteni