The True Cost of Raising A Child in KE

Nimeona msee (name withheld) akicomplain juu ameanza kuhemeshwa kulea one kid. So, I have discovered that most young guys have no clue what it takes to raise a child, especially in terms of finances.

For purposes of this discussion, lets assume that you won’t raise the kid in Paipu and other shady areas, but you are still a peasant. So, you will raise them just one level above Paipu.

One kid will set you back at least 25k per month easy in direct and indirect costs. Food, healthcare+insurance, school, extra living space, clothes, domestic help, utilities, etc. That’s a cool Ksh 6,600,000 before he or she moves out at age 22. Now multiply that by 3 and that’s almost 20M and it assumes no major unplanned event in that family over those 22 years.

Ukiona watu wanakuja Nairobi na wanarudi ocha at retirement and the only thing they have to show are their grown kids, usishangae sana. Ujue as the man, most of that cost will be shouldered by YOU. Next time you have kids, plan for them ndivyo usijipate complaining online like that guy. Now he has to live with that decision for 20+ years.

By the way, this does not account for the psychological and time investment in the children - just financial.

Because a comment on that thread was not enough:D:D:D:D:D:D

Your financial views are relevant to only 2% of the population…
25k kwani mtoto anazaliwa kama ameingia kazini?

Kama ungekua manzi wewe ni wale wa kuitisha child support ya 650k:D:D:D:D:D

Watu wanaonaga watoto kama medals, like the work is done once they have them. Pesa na maturity needed to raise a kid especially in Cities sio mchezo

Chokee jingli, who told you I don’t have money? Those stereotypical challenges are just the tip of the iceberg my guy, huku planteshen mashida ni mingi, ni vile watu hujikaza tu out of obligation

  1. 6.6M over a period of 22 years is not steep.
  2. Do you have children?
  3. If your parents had thought the way you think, haungekuwa hapa ukituadvise with hypothetical figures.

Unajikuna hadi mahali mkono unafika.
Hata clerks with a net pay of 20k per month house, feed, cloth & educate their kids.

Wacha kuuzia upcoming parents uoga.

Exactly what I was telling a friend…in developed countries it is around 18k usd a year watoto are expe as fuck…

The porverty here stinks , mnacomplain about raising one kid while the chief whip himself @poyoloko has a brood of 8 swinelets and he will add more in due course.

We cannot quantify upbringing of your kids into monetary terms.
It’s priceless.

Na bado haujafactor inflation. That figure is closer to 15m per child.

Mzee @Simiyu22 your expertise is needed.

Naonanga hizi vitu za personal finance hukufurahisha sana.


I have an ex siz wake alizalisha akiwa campus bado akarequest tukae na mtoi wake for a semester. Alikua kijana just over 1 year old. By the time hiyo sem ilikua inaisha I was best friends with that boy. I loved him. So naelewa ukisema it is priceless.

Kids will replace you one way or another, family planning sio global warming unaeza ignore.

The cost of living (not existing) is actually equivalent whether you live in a first world or third world country. The reason for this is because the price of oil, which is the engine that powers our modern civilization, is about the same all over.

Mimi uona hata kama hiyo doh haungetumia kwa junia ingeishia kwa vitu zingine tuu, life has a way of setting things in equilibrium banae

Ktalk kweli imejaa introvert na retards, yaani jamaa inasema you need 25k to raise a single child and people are agreeing with him

True. It is very cheap yet people complain because hawakujipanga before having those kids.

Did you bother to read the details ama ulisoma tuu you need 25k?? I also stated living a basic standard above Paipu but because you are a moron you didn’t read that part.

This thread is about the absolute bare minimum but somewhat acceptable lifestyle. Its not about raising a kid in Githurai with 5k and relying on GoK for everything.