The Trout Valley Nyeri

[SIZE=7]Fishing and Dining Experience in Nyeri at the Trout Valley[/SIZE]

How often do you get to select and prepare your meals whenever you are at a restaurant? Likely, never. Well, this is the kind of experience you get when you visit Trout Valley restaurant, located on the hilly countryside of Nyeri. I got a lunch invite from a friend and decided to try out this new place. Boy was I glad I did. The restaurant is about 10 KM from Nyeri town. It overlooks a hillside and adjacent to the Chania river. They specialize in trout only, hence the name Trout Valley. Part of the experience includes driving through the Nyeri countryside, going down the hillside, sampling out the different traditional rooms, according to Kikuyu culture, and enjoy the tranquil landscape by the riverside. The people are very friendly too. Everybody we met along the way either greeted us or waived at us.

The Fishing and Dining Experience

You start by fishing for your meal with the help of an experience fisherman. The restaurant has huge fishponds where the trout are reared. You also get to watch as the trout is prepared onsite by the fisherman before cooking. Once the fish is ready, you get to enjoy it, either from one of the huge dining rooms, or right by the riverside. I decided to try out the riverside since I don’t get many opportunities to dine in style like that. The trout is served with either Ugali or fries. All in all, I will definitely make a point of visiting again and enjoy fishing a trout and dining by the riverside. You don’t get that kind of an experience just anywhere, except maybe on Trout Valley.


Beautiful property, but they decided to be cheap with the buildings and decor

Hio ni car park ama showroom? My jalopy will be humbled nikiingia hapo,labda niipark nyeri town nitembee 10km.
Anyway,can one come with their own grill?,i see tents so it figures.And whatabout own tents?

Damages @spear Hapa ni Mahali pakubeleka mama watoto.

The interior could use some makeover but I understand the fresh trout is delicious. The experience of fishing for it yourself is also a good outdoor experience.



Hiyo sijui but its just a kawaida resort so family meals shouldn’t be more than 3-4K and then you pick your drinks of choice at kawaida prices.

But it looks like an awesome place for a camping trip.
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What do you gals think?

Do you think grammar is a joke?

Thats the author narration. Citation is on the title.

A fish story:smiley:

@spear how’s maribe.

:D:D:Dyou beat me to it

beautiful place…

Hii ni lazima nijaribu I like fishing


Unakuwaga na ulimi mzito

Kwani natype na ulimi?

looks good, I love fishing too. kwanza my expeditions to kamburu dam fishing for eel and carp are legendary.


Ngumu kukasirikia online fellows, it’s just like looking at your query and assume that you are a stammerer.:smiley: