The trouble with Homosexual culture infiltrating Kenyan culture

Recently Youtube has been putting these adverts for a coworking space somewhere in Nairobi. Usually I skip the adverts as soon as I can but today I decided to watch one of them and the “host” of the advert is so obviously, openly gayy. Why the hell would this company choose to use a gayy guy as the face of their advertising campaign?? Who made that decision?? I can only guess that this homosexual is a friend or the son of the owner of the business because I can’t see any other reason why they would put him as the spokesperson of the business.

Or is there a hidden agenda to normalize gayy’s in our culture? Below is a sample of the advertisement.

Acha ujinger bana.
What’s wrong in a Male marketing???

Thats alot of things male isn’t one of them !

What a cringe video hata nimeshindwa kumaliza. And whats this obsession that gays have with colors everywhere.

lol Being nerdy in 2022 means being gay. :smiley: you need to keep up with the times. Nerd culture has been appropriated to mean everything. It has become meaningless. That’s what happens when things become mainstream. Anyway, it’s easier to sell gayism to web developers/artists who want to seem cool.

hio indigo office inaweza kuwa na conference room penye maajabu hufanyika
si indigo iko kwa rainbow?

@Sambamba Kuja chanua wanakijiji. Hii ni mtoto wa mkubwa mgani?

Hii jamaa nimeona on many occasions imevaa poncho na make up.

afadhali ninunue hii kuma chafu ya fifty bob ya mama ya @PHARMACY hapa mlolongo kuliko ku waste time . angalau mkamba homosexual @PHARMACY apate supper kwa kichaka hapo mlolongo

Sijawatch hiyo video. I dont associate na mashoga

Sijawatch but najua @uwesmake the stupid poor luhya is a filthy homosexual who deenyers tyranny @Weyn . He also inbreeds his own mother

Ndio yeye.

Are you sure? I have incriminating pictures of you and a young boy He has a YouTube channel called @jaytakeapic. Most definitely identifies as gay, you’ll ascertain that from watching his content.