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How is a road private property?

All the roads in estates belong to the local govt. Hata wewe if you subdivide your 5 acre and sell the land as plots all the roads “in that land” must be surrendered to local govt and they become the property of the govt and the govt has a responsibility to maintain them. Therefore huko pipeline, the flat owners or original land seller dont own the roads but rather the roads are owned by nairobi county govt and the county is required to maintain them.

Let me educate you. First, the Pipeline land is grabbed by bwenyenyes, go there, you will discover none of the developers has Title deeds. Secondly, conditions of subdivision in Nairobi state that some of the conditions of subdivision include that access roads, way leaves and easements are provided for and installed to standard. Also included is the provision of water and sewerage lines to the subdivision. The land as well has to be cleared in the Lands Ministry to be legally held and free of encumbrances. This is the law.
Now, when you do bogus subdivision or grab land, it means tax payers money will be used to benefit you when government steps in and does roads for you etc…simply put, you are stealing from others.

They pay county annual Rates.

You cannot pay rates if you have no title

Rates is for leaseholds. Title deed is for land rent and it’s not annual payment

they have no lease titles or deeds. whatever

Pale shitty hall hawataki jua iyo…unapata umeekewa block number na rates inafaa ulipe.Izo flats zina rates iko juu